15 tools of the trade a professional makeup artist cant do without

Gele slayer,  Oshakpanwam Johnson, CEO of Variant signature has outlined the following tools as the most important tools of the trade for any makeup artist sure of his or her onions.

10 tools of the trade every makeup artist must have in 2016
Some of the tools of the trade shown here include: A makeup chair, makeup brushes, beauty blender,highlight and contour palette

1. Makeup brush set
2. Makeup chair

3. Foundation (At least in three or four different shades)
4. Powder palette
5. Eyeshadow palette
6. Makeup removal
7. Brow filler
8. Edge control
9. Setting spray
10. Good lighting
11. Concealer
12. Eye liners  (Brown or black)
13. Hair brush
14. Face wipes
15. Lip stick palette

Note: A palette contains different shades/colours of a product,   the shade chosen is determined by the complexion of the client or the type of look the artist is trying to achieve.