Bead diy 23: Netted scarf design

    Bead diy 23: Netted scarf design
Netted scarf design 

Material: size 1or 2sb, 0.30mm or 0.25mm fishing line

Step 1: String your sb up to neck size
Step 2: Start picking 5sb entetering d 6th sb of ur neck size ur string earlier till the end
Step 3: To trun , pick 8b and enter d 3rd sb of the 5sb u string last
Step 4: continue picking 5sb and enter the 3rd sb of d the previous stage.
Note: Each time u want to turn always pick 8sb and pass d 3rd sb of the precious one, this should appear to both the 2ends. This will enable I get the triangular shape and it will continue to reduce as u keep doing it. You don’t have to get a flat shape.