Current Market price for top selling Essential oil and Organic products in Nigeria

Price list for Essential oil and Organic products

As at October 2016, these are the current best prices for many essential oils, organic and natural products used in the beauty and skin care industries in Nigeria and other African Countries. 

The underlisted  products are all available , description  and prices of each item are as shown in the pictures.
Current Market price for top selling Essential oil and Organic products in NigeriaCurrent Market price for top selling Essential oil and Organic products in Nigeria2
Current Market price for top selling Essential oil and Organic products in Nigeria3Current Market price for top selling Essential oil and Organic products in Nigeria4

Get started in your soap, scents and organic cream making by ordering for any of these essential oils, measuring equipment and organic products
  1. Turmeric
  2. Sandalwood Powder
  3. Cold pressed Coconut  oil
    Cold pressed Coconut  oil
  4. Coconut oil (cold pressed)
  5. Almond oil
    Almond oil
  6. Almond oil
  7. Gluthathione
  8. Glutathione
  9. Carrot oil
  10. Peppermint oil
    Peppermint oil
  11. Peppermint oil  
  12. Cocoa butter 
    Cocoa butter
    Cocoa butter
  13. Lemon oil
  14. Kojic acid- For skin lightening and toning
  15. Vitamin E Oil- For skin lightening and toning
  16. Cocoa powder
    Cocoa powder
  17. Cocoa powder 
  18. Bentonite clay
  19. Activated Charcoal- Multipurpose
  20. Spa salt
  21. Aloe vera gel
  22. Whitening Glycerin- For skin lightening and toning
  23. Glycerin
  24. Orange oil
  25. Rosemary oil
  26. Apple cider  Vinegar – Heinz
    Apple cider  Vinegar – Heinz
  27. Apple cider  Vinegar – Heinz 
  28. Apple cider Vinegar – Braggs 
  29. Licorice
  30. Kaolin
  31. Collagen
  32. Rose oil
  33. Sesame oil
  34. Lavender oil
  35. Wheat germ oil
  36. Olive oil
  37. Mustard oil
  38. Papaya oil
  39. Glycolic 
  40. Mango butter
  41. Aloe vera extract
  42. Aha
  43. Honey
  44. Oat Powder
  45. Snow white- For adding whiteness to products
  46. Linseed oil
  47. Grape fruit seed oil
  48. Sandal wood oil
  49. Rose water
  50. Jojoba oil
  51. Citric acid
  52. Preservative
  53. Arbutin 
  54. Vitamin C
  55. Containers and labels
  56. Sesame oil
  57. Stearic acid
  58. Camwood
  59. Calendula
  60. Beeswax
  61. Miracle powder
  62. Castille soap
    Castille soap
  63. Castile soap suds
  64. Strawberry oil
  65. Ascorbic Acid
  66. Cream base
  67. Soap moulds
  68. Dudu Osun
    Dudu Osun
  69. Dudu Osun 
  70. Kaolin
  71. Guargum
  72. Electronic scales: N4500/ N5000/ N6000
    Electronic scale N4000
    Electronic scale 
  73. Preservatives;(Phenol Ethanol) To prolong shelf life of product. Natural preservatives are listed here
  74. Electric mixers
  75. Honey
  76. Tea tree oil
  77. Vitamin C
  78. Kpatakpata cream
  79. Nature ligtening serum
  80. 7 Days action cream
  81. French green clay
  82. Cutters
  83. Lemon juice
  84. Sandalwood powder
    Sandalwood powder
  85. Sandalwood powder
  86. Alpha butane
  87. Silicon oil
  88. Sepi white oil
  89. Avocado oil 
P:S: From Decemebr 1st, prices have been reviewed upward, by additional N500/N1000. kindly confirm current prices before making payment.

To make an order or buy, send a list of your chosen products to or Whatsapp 2348038454123, instructions for payment and delivery will be given. 
For any item not listed, send enquiry to know of the availability. 

Allow for 1 day delivery within Lagos- N1000 On mainland/ N2000 For Island, Ikorodu, Iyana Oba/ Badagry environs
And 2 or 3 days for states outside Lagos.
For Foreign Countries, One week maximum. 

To learn soaps, creams, scents, candles and other Natural products online or practical classes. Send your request to the provided contact. N10000 tuition fee. 

To make payment:
Email or sms order and send payment to 
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