Car maintenance diy 3: Home truths about your car suspension system, springs and shocks.

Car diy 3: Home truths about your car suspension system, springs and shocks.
In previous posts, we talked about car tyres, automobile oils, lets take a look at the suspension system, this is what balances your vehicle on the ground. Every object has  its own reactionary force against the pull of gravity,likewise the car. When it hits uneven bumps,potholes,rough ground, the shock absorbers absorb most of the impact and keeps the vehicle level without it toppling over. So when should we change the springs, the following answers about springs and shocks to a question posed by a car user will give us better understanding.

"I bought A long chassis Peugeot boxers for my business.... And I discover the front shocks are down with oil over the body...and this shocks are with double spring ....but if I carry load with this van it does well and when I offload the front shocks keep bouncing when I enter bumps ....what can I do to that ?

There is more to raising a car especially a van, Putting longer springs don't always cut have to change a number of other things around the suspension section of the car...
Increasing spring without considering the effect on the shocks can bring more worry...
Elongated springs without equivalent shocks will damage the shocks. When you load the van, the spring is compressed so it stabilizes but once the load is off the van will be bouncing around the road...
To solve that, either reduce the spring to a length the shocks can accommodate or replace with a longer version of an equivalent shock absorber
It is very unsafe to have to have your vehicle bouncing around on the road. If the load is not loaded and you are on high speed, it could be very dangerous o. Your vehicle needs good grip on the road and the suspension does a vital role in helping you achieve that...
If you still have the old spring,You will need to check them when replacing.You are allowed to go like 20% higher than the original spring so you can count the spring rings and count the one you have now....
For instance, of the original ones are 8 coils your new spring shouldn't be more than 9.6 (approximately 10) coils
The main problem with the suspension  many times is not finding genuine shocks and poor installations.
Installing a spring too long will always overstretch your shocks and damage them quickly.

So always ask for professional advice when replacing or testing new shocks or springs for your car.

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