Crafts: 10 types of packaging boxes that can be made from paper

Paper is a very versatile item in making different craft items, it also has the added benefits of its flexibility, cheap cost , environmental friendly as it can be recycled and can be easily managed to form any shape.

Paper can be used to make boxes, cards, fliers, handbills, calendars, books, cartons, cd cases, book jackets and many more crafts, the type of paper used depends on the purpose of the project. Thickness, colour and availability are some of the considerations in determining the type of paper to be used in making boxes. The top ten favorite paper boxes include:

Cut out paper boxes
Cut out paper boxes
Varying sizes of craft boxes
Varying sizes of craft boxes

  1. Cake box : To hold cakes, cup cakes, sweets and desserts. In making the boxes, additional space should be allowed for the size of the cake to prevent smearing of the icing so as not to spoil the cake design, especially creamed cakes.
  2. Gift box: For gift items especially during special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, proposals and valentine.
  3. Shoe box: For boots, sandals and slippers packaging.
  4. Round box: To hold round objects 
  5. Hat box: For hats and  hair accessories 
  6. Six sided box: Named for its shape
  7. Triangular box:Named for its shape
  8. Favor/cut up box: For party favors, chocolates, cake cuts or candies. 
  9. Hard / reinforced box: For stronger objects  such as shopping or recycled items. 
  10. Jewellery box: To hold pieces of jewelry, earrings, bangles, rings, neck chains, brooches e.t.c

These paper boxes are beautiful, unique and can be easily embossed , printed or painted on to add a touch of uniqueness. What's more, they can be used  as wedding souvenirs, gifts, presents, party packs on their own or with additional item.

Its simple to create your own do at home paper box. So next time you thinking of packaging , think of paper boxes.  Try it!


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