Market Alert! Recent prices of craft supplies for your Art work projects

In the recession times, it is no surprise that the cost of craft supplies have increased by almost 50 % and in some cases 100%. In the past one week, I conducted a market research (September 2016) to know of the current prices for popular craft items and supplies and I was amazed at the huge hike in prices.
Although according to the craft sellers, the price increase can be attributed to the the following   factors;

1. Economy recession
2. Naira Inflation and increase in Naira- dollar exchange rate
3. Resumption of schools as Fine art students tend to rush to buy craft supplies for their art projects and writing materials. 
4. Influx of new artists, leather users, bagmakers and other craft enthusiasts as more Nigerians are taking up handworks.
5. Availability of products: Most of the items used for handcrafts are mainly imported, as only few items have local alternatives, the scarcity of products also tend to inflate the cost of art materials. 

The prices of the under listed craft supplies are shown in the pictures.

  1. Sugar paper
  2. Fluorescent paper
  3. Chip Board
  4. Card Board
  5. Kari Board (Thin)
  6. Kari Board (Thick)
  7. Zigzag Scissors
  8. Cutter Knife
  9. Glitter Glue
  10. Glitter dust
  11. Steel rule
  12. Eyelet punch
  13. Roller tip pen
  14. Permanent marker
  15. Calligraphy pen
  16. Stapler
  17. Staple gun tack
  18. Uhu Stick
  19. Uhu Gum
  20. Top Bond
  21. Paper cutter
  22. Sealing machine
  23. Binding clips 
  24. Candle wax
  25. Candle gun
  26. Fishing line
  27. Pliers and cutters
  28. Leather
  29. Eyelets
  30. Mat cutter
  31. Rotary cutter 
  32. Magnetic pins
  33. Belt
  34. Piping rubber
  35. Rubber pipe
  36. Awl
  37. Leather punch
  38. Strap cutter
  39. Rivets
  40. Maco board
  41. Sole
  42. Tape rule
  43. Shoe last / shoe mold
  44. Bag lining
  45. Ankara Fabric
  46. Plywood
  47. Scoring Knife
  48. Ribbon
  49. Tracing paper