Entrepreneur Monday: How to accelerate your brand and boost sales in the events industry with the power of Testimonials (Fayo Williams)

How to accelerate your brand  and boost sales in the events industry with the power of Testimonials (Fayo Williams)

"Wow, I love your catering service, it was simply superb, the guests kept asking for more of your mouth watering dishes.
Thanks for making my wedding  a much talked about event, even days after  the ceremony and satisfying my guests"

No event vendor will get this kind of feedback and not be glad. More so, such testimonial can also bring in multiple referrals , gain more clients, acquire more jobs and lead to increase in business exposure. 
In Today's business and entrepreneur post, Brand strategist , Fayo Williams explains how to utilize the power of testimonials to push out your brand and maximize sales. 

1.  Take a  look at the QUALITY of your products and services. It is when you not only meet but even EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS that you get testimonials.

 Yes, that is the definition, if the Customer is unhappy, testimonial..... Forget

2.  As  a wonderful and gifted Event Professional, do you offer A FAIR PRICE, TIMELY SERVICE, VALUE ADDED, ATTENTION TO DETAILS and any AFTER SALES SERVICE like helping to reconcile budget with actuals,details  asking if Brides parents got back home safely, etc.....or am I asking for too much?? Is the customer getting real and expected value?

If you dont cross your tees and do a bad job, a bad product can only sell once and OMO, you are on your own! (O-Y-O)
 So believe and try your  best and this gives us a stream of grateful customers.

3. Are you too shy to ask people to give you their opinion of your service? Are you wondering what format you should use?
Don't let anything discourage you from getting your customers on a Feedback form, Survey, short video, email , sms. 
  Even the back of a paper Napkin can take a "Good job" comment and you can post that straight on Instagram!!"
What do you think of our services?"  as question in your survey.

4. Push to the right audience. Post the testimonials to your Instagram, Facebook,  social media handles and websites. 

 5. Ask for the permission of your customer to quote them, to use their name, to publish their comment....this is INTEGRITY.
If they are not comfortable with the name..ask if u can use the comment only...still powerful!
If you fail to use this powerful tool, you may be missing a lot...
If you really want to give a boost to your sales, use testimonials on your proposals, website, landing page etc...

Testimonials are powerful, its like somebody doing the selling for you, taking your buyer further down the journey, from consideration to taking action! We need to use Testimonials

Also check to see if there's anything you didn't excel at. If a customer is VERY HAPPY, they will be the ones singing your praise...

Finally, do not let bad comments, cynic views or unsavoury posting about your business discourage or get you down. Always strive for the best.

P:s Network with the right people in the same events  industry.
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