Entrepreneur series; Meet Ife Akinola of Hypnotique Cocktails

Akinola ifeoluwa OlayinkaHypnotique Cocktails
 Today we feature Akinola ifeoluwa Olayinka.  She is a Professional mixologist and certified bartender. She discusses about the challenges in the cocktail business industry and how she has risen against all odds.

She tells it all in her own words:
"I  Am a young entrepreneur with a wide business mind especially in the areas of catering beverage for all event types. Am single and a Christian #JW.

What got me started?
 I know my tomorrow starts today and plus the fact that I love to render services to people and make them happy made me see the urgency of investing myself in this career.

 Challenges while starting out 
Oh well, I think all business have same challenges which usually is capital and the idea. But while starting the business I had one out of the two. "IDEA" but had no capital which almost resulted into a WEAKNESS or THREAT to my idea but I turned my weakness to my strength by initiating more ideas which fetched me opportunity and then CAPITAL

 Role model/Mentor
 I guess every successful individual in the event industry not only in my choice career is my role model cause at every point I see a lot to learn from every good move they make

 What makes my work different
 I am very restless in a good way or let me use the word spontaneous. And that's because I have a very mind to the business and I always want to create something new or develop on an already existed idea and make better in an acceptable way. I am very open minded"

Tips for upcoming Mixologists to grow their business

1.  Tell at least one person per day about what you do. Market your business always
2. Be creative
3. Attend networking or industry events such as Cocktails to Live fore, an annual cocktail event in Lagos.
4. Have a good online presence and work on your brand, customize your shirts, bar, cups, straws,  and glasses.Whatever that will make you stand out.
5. Keep to time and always have  a plan B. Say you lose all ice, be resourceful.

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 Contact details : No.1, apostle Famuyiwa avenue, college road, Haruna,Ogba, Lagos.
 08065681991 WhatsApp: 08173626836
Bb pin:58F6309C

Did you know? Cocktails refers to alcoholic drinks while mocktails is the correct term for non-alcoholic drinks.