Fabric tissue box diy: How to make cute tissue /Wipe dispenser boxes

Hello craft lovers , hope you have been enjoying doing your diy projects.
Fabric tissue box diy: How to make cute  tissue /Wipe dispenser boxes
Fabric tissue dispenser box
Here is a great post to teach you about making cute Tissue boxes from scratch. Great benefits of making your own tissue boxes include;

1. They can be personalized and designed to suit your syle.
2. They are multipurpose in nature, can dispense either tissue, wipes, napkins , serviettes or scented wipes. That is they can dispense but are indispensable.
3. They last longer than ordinary store bought tissue boxes and prevent wastage as they can be used time and time over again.
4. Easy to clean, not necessary washing, just wipe the outer surface with a clean cloth . If there is so much stain, dip the cleaning cloth in a warm soapy water, add few drops of thinner and wipe the stain.
5. Customized tissue boxes are more beautiful and attractive.

Materials needed;

Thick card board
Marker or pencil for marking and tracing.
Razor blade

1.  Measure out the size of the tissue box on the cardboard. You can use an existing box to guide you in the measurements. Mark out and trace out the pattern on the cardboard
For this tissue box,I Used the following measurement:
Length- 9 inches
Width- 6 inches.
A 1.5 inch  allowance for the folding at each corner side.

2. Cut out the measured pattern from the cardboard.
3. Place the cardboard cut out pieces  on the fabric. Trace and cut the outer  fabric without leaving any allowance, and cut the inner fabric with an inch allowance on every side for folding in, just to neaten the edges.Use fabric glue to glue the cardboard pieces,
4.Use your hands to neaten the edges and ensure all the folded lines stand out.
5. Cut an oval shape from the middle of the box, to form the opening.
6. Neaten all edges after fabric covering, put tissues or wipes in th box and seal up with a transparent tape .

See  procedural pictures below.

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