Floral crown diy: 3 methods of making Flower crowns as pretty hair accesories

 3 ways to  make Flower crowns as pretty hair accesories

Floral crowns are hair accessories  worn on the head as adornments. Their history can be traced to many centuries ago when  head crowns made from flowers  were used as symbols of rewards, hospitality and beauty. From the likes of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, winners of Olympiads, bride maids and society divas. The floral crown has been a must have fashion item. I have found out 3 methods of doing flower crowns;

1. Sewing:  Using needle and thread. This is  most preferable method as it lasts longer and the flowers are firmly attached. 
2. Gluing ; Using fabric glue or wax.
3. Taping: Using a florist wire and tape. 

2 Types of flowers that can be  used are;

1. Natural flowers: Lilies, daisies, orchids, roses
2. Artificial flowers: 

But let me teach you the sewing method: 

Materials needed:
Artificial flowers: You can buy one or two bouquets to obtain your flowers.
Headband or Elastic head band or Alice bands: A brown or black band is preferable to match the hair , if what you have is a colored band, you can dye or color spray it. 
Needle and thread  (In complementing color)

Steps Involved:
1. Remove the flowers from the stem.

2. Cut the stems so close to the root of the flowers.
3. Arrange the flowers around the headband in the particular order you want them to be. You can mark the points with a pencil or marker.
4. Start sewing the flowers onto the headband, attach smaller flowers or leaves to fill gaps/spaces between flowers.
5. Do not overcrowd the flowers on the headband. 

See the final one I made below.

Floral crown diy
Floral crown diy

I am sure you will enjoy making yours too. 

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