Food of the day: Pineapple veggies rice recipe

Food of the day: Pineapple veggies rice recipe

We have cooked lots of meals together on this blog, shared food recipes including  meatballs, Shawarma, chinese rice, pizza.
Now let's try something different. Rice cooked with pineapples, I have always loved pineapples especially as toppings on pizza or slices in fruit salad. It is a special food different from the norm .

Read the instructions to cook the pineapple veggies rice (As Prepared by our chef of the week, Chef Faouzy)

Ingredients  -  Quantity  
1.Rice            Tin milk          
2.Pineapple    1                 
3.Turkey         quarter kilo     (Cut into sizable pieces)
4.Fried spice    10g            
5.chicken spice  10g     
6.salt                    25g     
7. Seasoning             2 cubes
9.carrots, green pepper, Bell peppers,  spring onions
10.chicken Sausage   
11.curry , thyme     (To taste)
12 Dry chill  (For spicy flavor )
13.Butter/olive oil.

  1. Wash and cut all the veggies,chop onions, debone the turkey and set aside.
  2. Spice and cook the turkey, set aside.
  3. Wash and cut the pineapple into 2 equal part,and bring out all the flesh inside the pineapple,(you need juice)put in a pot and boil,add curry, thyme,turkey stock stir together.
  4. Wash rice and cook inside the pineapple juice on fire,cook it al-dente(not over cook) and set it aside.
  5. Spice the cut veggies and stir fry it  together with sausage and turkey.(Dont allow the veggies to  cook too long).
  6. In another pot, put the stir fried veggies in a pot check for taste add any necessary spice, seasoning lacking, stir together ,add the cooked rice allow to stim for 2 min ready to serve.

Tip :
 I prefer to stir fry than ordinary boiling method.

Enjoy your meal!

Christina Typearls