Party ideas: 32 Favorite Chocolate Fountain dippings and desserts to "Wow" guests at any event

A chocolate fountain stand at your event is a crowd pleaser, a cynosure of many eyes , an attractive centerpiece that makes your event colorful, glamorous and What's more, add elegant taste to it . Asides it being an attractive prop for any event, the mouthwatering taste and treats also makes it a must have for every event especially weddings , birthdays and Children parties.
Almost every bride or intending couple place a request for a chocolate fountain stand at their wedding, at least I know of Nigerian weddings. And the prices are quite affordable.  Depending on the number of desserts or dippings, for one dipping per head, a chocolatier charges N700 and N1000 for three desserts per head , both charges comes with the chocolate fountain stand and setup.

5 Ideal parties that requires a chocolate fountain

  1. Weddings
  2. Birthdays
  3. Children parties
  4. Club functions
  5. Restaurant openings.

There are other events that can take advantage of the chocolate stand to add more flavour  and also to provide the guest with an array of sweets and desserts to tantalize their taste buds.

These  32 delicious desserts top my list of Favorite dipping that can be served with a chocolate fountain at any event

Fruits (Slices and dices of fruits add color and richness to the chocolate dippings)
1. Strawberries
2. Bananas
3. Pineapple 
4. cherries
5. Orange
6. Watermelon

7. Coconut candy
8. Caramel candy
9. Lolly pop

Cookies and Biscuits (Note these have a salty taste)
 10.Chocolate Chip Cookies 
11.  Oreo Cookies
12. Ginger snaps
13. Short bread
14. Tea biscuits
 15. Sugar Wafers 

Cereals ( Kellogs, Nasco  or other brand of cereal )
16. Cornflakes 
17. Rice krispies
18.Coco pops  
19. Frozen Twinkies 

Savories (Note these have a salty taste)
20. Pretzels
21. Pretzel sticks
22. Corn Chips
 23. Potato Chips
25. Crackers

26. Brownie cake
27.Strawberry cake
28.Red velvet cake

Other ideal desserts include :
30. Fruit salad
31. Ice cream
32. Popcorn