Sallah Special! 5 cocktails and Mocktail drinks to spice up the Sallah Fun

Welcome to another Monday, Luckily some are still resting at home s this happens to be one of the Mondays in a long weekend. Many are enjoying Sallah , sharing love with families and fried s and finding time to rest, while we are still basking in the euphoria of the sallah season, lets add more color to the Sallah festivities by making these wonderful  cocktails and mocktails drinks.



1. Frozen mango and strawberry Daquiris

-light rum
-strawberry/mango puree/fruit
-strawberry/mango syrup

2. Sunset
-Orange juice
-Curacao bleu

3. Blue Lagoon
-Pineapple juice
-Curaco bleu
- Vodka
- Ice

4. Nigerian chapman drink- An alltime favorite

-Orange juice
-Angostura bitters
-Strawberry syrup

5. Ultimate smoothie
- Orange

Garnish any of your drinks with cucumber slices, apple wedges or orange peels.