Skin toning: Top 10 natural skin enhancers to lighten your skin and benefits

Whitening, lightening,brightening are words used interchangeably when it comes to improving  the skin's complexion, but they all refer to the process of changing  the  skin color  to a different shade fairer than the original color. While some people exercise caution and make the process gradual, others throw caution to the wind and go for extreme skin makeover. Within days, they have gone from Genevieve Nnaji to Nadia Buari. 

There are lots of whitening products especially  those chemically  formulated to yield faster results such as Hydroquinone, Mercury,, lighening injections, whitening pills, , but these products  have been determined to be dangerous,  toxic, unhealthy to the skin and their results are temporary, the skin lightening stops once discontinuation of the product occurs ,In fact the user becomes darker than before, making the whole skin lightening process futile.  More so, prolonged use of chemical skin lightening products give rise to unpleasant results such as patches, splotches, less injury healing period, prominent scars , skin discoloration by the users. That is the reason why skin bleaching is frowned on especially in our society, because those who tow that path are seen to have dark knuckles, obvious varicose veins, stretch marks, and other signs of bleaching that are less appealing to the eye.

To those who want an improvement in their skin, but do not want to bleach, the obvious solution is Skin Toning. Skin toning is not bleaching or abrupt change of skin color, it is a gradual process of improving a skin complexion,l restoring it back to the actual color without any averse effects.

The only way to achieve skin brightening without future regrets   is by the use of Natural occurring products. These are herbs, fruits and plants that are grown or exist in their natural state. 

Why Natural skin brighteners?
1. The results are permanent
2. They slow down  the aging process, so you look younger.
3. Thy absorb the UV (Ultraviolet rays from sun) and prevent it harming the skin.
4. They reduce Melanin (the pigment responsible for browning of skin) production and acts as Sun screens to protect against the harmful Sun rays
5. They are not harmful or dangerous to the skin.
6. They can be used by almost all skin types (normal, dry, sensitive) without fear of allergic reaction.
7. They make the skin firmer, lips more supple and prevents skin sagging .
8. Eliminates furrows, cow's lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, dark spots, black heads, acne, frown lines and other skin blemishes.
8.  Rejuvenates the skin, makes it appear smoother, fresher and glow.

The top ten Natural products as skin color enhancers  I will  recommend are :

1. Yoghurt
2. Kojic acid
3. Alpha- Hydroxy acids  and Ascorbic acids ( found in Citrus juice such as Lemon, Orange , bearberry)
4. Vitamins: Vitamin E,  Vitamin B and Vitamin C
5. Gram flour
6. Goat milk
7. Papaya
8. Egyptian milk.Read more on how to make Egyptian milk
9. Tumeric
10. Licorice

Others include GigaWhite,  Glutathione, Tomatoes, potatoes, olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, 
These products must be carefully combined and well formulated to achieve maximum result. In fact various products work for different areas of the skin, face, lips, body e.t.c.

Before buying any skin lightening product, check to see;

1. If the product is naturally and organically formulated.
2. List of ingredients used in making the product to ensure no harmful products are used. 
3.  Has any side effects. 

Tips to follow to safely Tone the skin
1. For best results, in addition to the natural skin care products, remember to eat healthy diet ( The diet must contain lots of Fruits, vegetables and water) and exercise regularly. 

2. Drink  plenty water and fluids to hydrate your skin.
3. Exfoliation, moisturizing must become a regular routine process. At least exfoliate once or twice a week . 
4. Be patient , expect results within few weeks, overnight results only puts more stress on your skin. 

To start making your own natural  skin care products either to maintain your complexion or brighten your skin or for commercial purposes. Register for a week online training and two day practical class by sending an sms to 2348038454123 . Only for those who want to go the Natural way.