Craft: Materials needed to start crotcheting and crotchet designs

The art of crocheting is a craft that has been around for a long time but it is increasingly becoming more popular as more craft lovers have taken up the art.
crocheted baby shoes

Why crocheting?
Th answer to this is simple, because it is easy ,though there are complicated designs but when you have a well illustrated and explanatory pattern book on crocheting,the designs become simpler.

 Also ,  hand crafts made from crocheting are unique as most of them bear the marks of love.creativity and inspiration that goes into creating them.

Is crocheting and knitting the same?
No , each one is different in the style and method involved.
While knitting involves two knitting needles or machine , crocheting employs only a crocheting hook (needle with a curved end) . Also the former has limited designs but crocheting has numerous designs involving turns and twists.

Materials needed to  start crotcheting 

1, No 3  crochet hook
2, Light coloured wool
3, Twine (fishing net) size 12
Materials you need to start crocheting
4, Yarn needle (same type used for sewing weave on)
5, Measuring Tape (for measurement)
6. Storage space

For beginners, all you need to learn to start crocheting are outlined below: 

1. Handling a crotchet hook
2. Basic stitches
3. Crochet symbols
4.  Pattern book: How to read patterns

You should start Working on  projects like neck piece, shoe, bag, headband, blankets etc. My first projects were cap and sweater.
Yay! Crocheting  is taking front seat in Craftworld  plus lovely crotchet designs
Once you start and successfully complete your project. You are your way to becoming a pro crotchet designer.

Samples of items you can crotchet:
Children clothes, stocking,s caps, socks, and foot wear.
Cardigans, sweaters
Table covers, chair covers
Female tops
Kitchen napkins
Shawls, head wraps, 
Babies dolls

Note; There is a difference between crocheting and  knitting. Crotcheting involves the use of a crotchet hook/pin (the pin has a curved end), while knitting involves two knitting pins, more so, it is easier to use a knitting machine, but a crocheted work must be done by hand. Also Macrame , another type of weaving technique is similar to crotcheting, but the techniques involved are different. 

Check out some crocheting samples below:

P:s For those who want to learn, there is online WhatsApp group that teaches crocheting for beginners and advance learners.