20 Favourite gift ideas for Girls (Pre teens and Teens)

As we celebrate the International girl child, here are my favorite gift ideas to celebrate your princesses. These gifts are special and most girls love them, Am sure anyone you pick , you will never go wrong .

1. Bracelets

2. Hand Held Sewing machine
3. Phone games.
4. Her favorite collection of music and dance able songs
5. Diys cosmetics (lip balm, creams, perfumes and soap)
 Diys cosmetics (lip balm, creams, perfumes and soap)
Colorful soaps
6. Gift/jewelry box
Gift/jewelry box
Gift/jewelry box
7. Makeup brush set and kit
8. Phone stickers
9. Customized sweets (Candies, cakes or ice cream)
10. Customized/Personalized notebook
11. A phone with good camera (13Mp and above, preferably Samsung): Necessary for taking selfies and great pictures
12. Handbag
13. Scented candles
14. Decorative paperweights
15. Beautiful wall collage
16. Statement ear buds: Great for listening to music
17. Jewelry set ( Earrings and neck piece) : It can be costume, bead or gem stone.
Jewelry set (
Ideal Jewelry set for a girl
18. A full volume of eBooks/ books/CD on her favorite pastime- Cooking, fashion, music, sports or reading material - romance, religion, fiction e.t.c
19. An engraved necklace having her initials or name.
20. Stylish outfit and fashion accessories (Bow tie, hair pieces, belts, scarf)
Stylish outfit and fashion accessories (Bow tie, hair pieces, belts, scarf)
Colorful hair clips
Eventful memories that you can create for your girl:
1. A paid tour or trip to her favorite destination/tourist attraction
2. A dinner at a restaurant; Full course meal and dessert
3. An elaborate birthday reception surrounded by friends, family or school mates.

Tips in choosing the perfect gift for a girl ;

1. Consider the age: Girls below 7 years will generally love any gift as long as its girly, feminine and nice to them while girls above 8 years prefer more practical gifts,  the more usefulness the gift has, the better. It can be a classic watch for checking time, a jotter for writing daily experiences or a cosmetic tool set for makeup application.

2. Presentation/packaging of the gift is another determining factor: A girl automatically infers that if the package is nice, the product will be nice too, so she will readily accept a gift that is more attractive and appealing to the eye.

3. Consider the cost: This is dependent Whether you can afford the gift and your budget , if not, choose a affordable alternative or substitute. Save early , Do not overspend. Remember it is the thought that matters and you are also trying to instill financial principles in your daughter/ward.

4. Consider her taste/ colors/ and favorite hobbies: This will guide you in choosing the perfect gift and in what color she will prefer it to be.

5. Choose Quality over Quantity: Let the gift be memorable, there is the chance she will remember and hold the gift dear for as long as it lasts.