22 creative ways to reuse plastic bottles as practical decorative and storage items (pictures)

The plastic bottle has become so much part and parcel of our daily existence, it is the container for water, drinks and other fluids which we tend to consume daily, now after we are through we the contents, what are we supposed to do with the plastic bottle? Throw it away?  No. 

As a settee sofa
Better use can be found for the plastic bottle by just disposing of it, merely keeping it and accumulating piles of plastic bottles simply wont do also, the best thing is to find creative uses for the plastic bottle and from the pictures below, you will be amazed at the versatility of the plastic bottle. It can be used as decorative centerpieces, flower vase, lamp shade , sofa, storage can even as a boat/ Amazing , isn't it?
Simply check it out!
As a stenciled flower vase
As a living room centrepiece
As a garden flower holder
As an aquarium
As a vertical flower holder
As a mirrored decorative murals
As a seed storagecan
As a lamp shade
As a greenhouse hut
As a vertical garden
As paper holder
As lamp holder and lantern
As a kid's garden decorated with colourful motifs
As babies toys
As centerpieces and plant holders
As grain holders
As a boat- Simply creatiive
As hanging decorations
As bouquet
As a wall hanger or picture frame
As a wall hanger or picture frame
As seed filter for feeding the birda
As seed filter for feeding the birda