Business:7 ways to prolong the shelf life of packaged/Processed juice and make it last months

Starting a juice production business is not as simple as it sounds, buying and sourcing for fruits, processing them to obtain the juices is the least of worries when compared to prolonging their shelf life, for as long as possible , say weeks and months without them getting spoil or returned which is bad for the entrepreneur who has put his/her efforts to run a successful juice business and also satisfy the customers. Returned juices/ Rotten juices means bad business and no entrepreneur worth's his salt would love that. To solve this dilemma, here are some helpful tips that are sure to make your juices last when implemented.
 6 ways to prolong the shelf life of packaged/Processed juice and make it last months

 1. Use natural preservatives 
Drops of Vitamin E, Vitamin c and lemon juice can help save your juice from browning or going sour easily.

2. Use of fresh and organic raw materials only:

The sue of fresh, organic fruits for your juices is of importance, as the peels can also be blended and added to the juice, asides the fact that this effectively increase the nutritional value of the juice, it also helps to prolong the shelf life of the juice.

3. Use the right packaging materials:
- Never use light containers  that are easily exposed to sun or atmospheric conditions.
- Glass and mason jars are preferable to plastic containers as plastic aids the oxidation process that affects the quality of the juice in the long run. Due to cost implications, most companies use well treated cartons to package the juice, they are well sealed to prevent external contamination and to avoid over exposure to sunlight.

4. Vacumn air out of the packaging bottles/ Containers:
The atmospheric air is the main factor that causes juice to go bad, oxygen and toxins in the air reacts with rotten fruits or juice that has been on the shelf fr awhile causing it to go sour and rotten. To avoid this unpleasant situation, it is best to vacuum / evacuate all air from the containers that will be used for bottling the juices and properly seal it around the edges, this will reduce decomposition rate and allow the juice to stay longer.

5. Always sanitize the workplace and production equipment: 
Good hygiene and cleanliness s is a foremost consideration in juice packaging , dirt/uncleanliness brings about contamination of products and can have a negative effect in the overall taste, quality and look of the juice.

6. Combination methods
- High temperature- Blanching, boiling of fruits.
- Freezing
-Raising acidity-By adding vinegar
- Canning
-Addition of chemical additives.
any of the above will work,, depending on the fruits involved and result that you want to achieve.

7. Type of juicer/ presser   to be use should be chosen for quality :
What may people don't know know is that the type of juicer used in processing fruity juices also plays a major role in the longevity and quality of juice . Before buying a juicer, you need to consider the make, type, number of liters, and model to achieve desirable results.

Before you package your juice for sale, ensure it has passed all health checks, undergo laboratory tests, sanitize the workplace area always , put the proper labels stating manufactured and expiry dates to inform the consumers.

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