Fashion diy: How to sew a simple basic skirt in 4 steps (Patterns and pictures)

The pictorial below depicts illustration showing a basic skirt pattern and how to sew it.
 Basic skirt pattern
Picture credit: Flora Beads

skirt pattern-typearls
Step 1

Basic measurements:

A to E is d length which is equal to b to f
A to C is waist/4
C to D is hip/4
A to D is equal to B to D which is the hip line meaning the distance between  the waist and  the  biggest part of the hip which is always between 7 to 10 inches depending on the body size.

Sewing procedure: 
1. Place your fabric on fold then measure A to E plus 1 inch extra for seam allowance
2. From the left side of your fabric at the top measure your waist / 4 . That is  if your waist is 28 divide by 4 you will get 7, add 2 inches allowance and mark that  point on your fabric, that gives you point A to B.  
3. Now to get a to C and B to D,  measure your  hip line e.g 7 , then  connect  your point A to C, from C measure your  hip e.g 36, then  divide by 4 you get 9,  add 2 inches for allowance and  mark on  your  fabric . Now connect B to D for E to F from  your  point E.

SEWING TIP: If you  want a pencil skirt use  your  waist measurement plus or measure  your knee circumference and divide by 4 plus 2 but if its a straight one use your hip measurement.

4. Next is  your  back block:

You  add 2 inches to  your  A to B  and  E to F.

For zip allowance: 
Cut the fabric into two after drafting all your measurement to get 2 sides your left and right.
Measure 7 from  A down, this is where the  zip will be sew,both together from the 7 inches down make sure you  leave 7 inches down too for slit.

Look out for Next tutorial on  circle skirt

skirt pattern-typearls
Step 2
skirt pattern-typearls
Step 3
Fashion diy: How to sew a simple basic fashion skirt in 4 steps
Step 4