Go green: 11 natural juices and smoothies that works wonders for your skin

Why take in more toxins that are harmful to the body in the name of buying processed, chemical additives and imported drinks while there is an abundance of natural fruits that will be more beneficial to our health?
 11 natural juices and smoothies that works wonders for your skin

The following  drink recipes are easy to make and are the ideal combination for a healthy, smooth and clear skin. All you need is a blender / juice  or smoothie maker  and you can drink your way to a healthier life.

Follow the  drink procedures in pictures. Fruits used include kiwi apple,watermelon, orange, strawberry,carrot, pineapple and more. The drinks are made using one or a combination of more fruits. 

2. Apple Kiwi
Kiwi Strawberry smoothie
3. Kiwi Strawberry smoothie
Orange banana smoothie
4. Orange banana smoothie
carrot juice
5. carrot juice
grapes smoothie
6. grapes smoothie
watermelon wonder
7. watermelon wonder
stawberry pineapple coconut
8. stawberry pineapple coconut
pineapple orange smoothie
9. pineapple orange smoothie
kiwi watermelon juice
10. kiwi watermelon juice
blueberry pomegrante
12. blueberry pomegrante

Benefits of these natural drinks
1. Improves  overall health.
2. Act as mood/ sex enhancers
3. Rejuvenate skin
4. Boosts immune system
5. Aids digestion
6. Chase away sickness and acts as natural cure to ailments.