Hairspiration: 7 Ideas you must know to get started making wigs from home (Wig essentials and products)

Wig making starter pack 

Do you know you can make your wig for social  or casual us and ensure it stays fabulous.?

Or you just want to maintain and  keep it propped up so you can admire it? 

Or, have you already gotten it tangled? :( Well, worry no more and look no further! 

This post itemizes all you need to start running  a wig making business . Knowledge, training and expertise is important in building a successful home wig making business.

You need to know 
1. Types of hair;
-Synthetic Hair
- Marley Hair
- Virgin hair (Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian)
- Remy Virgin Hair
- Human Hair
-Attachments and weave ons

2.  Wig installation
a. Basic installation with free hair
b. Installing pre-twisted hair
- Cornrow patterns
- How to achieve curls

3.  Wig styles ideas and  inspiration

- Braided wig
- How to make a box braid/senegalese twist wig
- Faux locs/Goddess locs wig
-Ghana braids Cornrow Wig
-Lace front wig
-U-Part Wig and Side part wigs
-Crochet Braids Wig
4. Wig care and Maintenance
- Washing
- Conditioning
- Daily Maintenance
- Night routine
-- How to gently remove wigs

5. Techniques and procedures in wigmaking

6. Costing and pricing of wigs (Necessary to make profitable sales)

7. Materials needed for wig making. This list of wig essentials shows you all the items you need to make your wigs, maintain them, keep them tangle free, smooth and beautiful.

Wig  caps or net
Wig stand
 flat wire-toothed wig comb
 wide, oval wire-toothed wig comb
 bottle of wig conditioner
 bottle of wig smoothener (also a form of conditioner)
set of styling pins (to keep your wig in place/nice and neat/for styling)

Latch hook or bobby pin
Brazilian wool or already made locs
Already twisted or braided hair
Wig head/mannequin
Latch hook needle
Eye brow pencil/liner
Lace front closure
Needle and thread
Any short or long hair of your choice
Dome cap/swimming cap or U part wig cap
Fabric lace
Weave ons
Crotchet braids 

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The wig making starter pack featured above  contains and costs N7000
2 wig caps
1 wig stand
1 flat wire-toothed wig comb
1 wide, oval wire-toothed wig comb
1 bottle of wig conditioner
1 bottle of wig smoothener (also a form of conditioner)
1 set of styling pins (to keep your wig in place/nice and neat/for styling)
Latch hook needle
Lace front closure