How to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress and 40 Bridal dresses inspirational ideas for Nigerian Weddings- Long and short gowns

Choosing your bridesmaid dresses can also be important as choosing your bridal gown, the color, style and design reflects  on your good taste. To be sure of an elegant gown, you need to be certain the fashion designer will pay attention to the cut, finishing and  suitability of the dress to have perfect fit on your brides maids. With the right dress, almost every one can be a brides maid no matter her shape , the key is having a perfect dress to accentuate her shape.
A bridal gown must be lightweight, shapely and drape easily over a woman's form just like a model advertising for a fashion show. 
How to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress

In choosing the perfect  brides maid gown,  you must consider the following:

1. Colour: There must be color coordination  to match the brides's dress and wedding colors.
2. Prevalent fashion tend: The latest fashion trend can influence the choice of gown, long or short, strapless or long sleeves, low cut or collar neck, flared or straight gown. But most importantly, choose a bridesmaid dress that your friends will feel comfortable in. 
3. Rules and principles of the wedding venue: Depending on church values or personal religious beliefs, you may decide to choose a gown that does not show off cleavage or other body parts, go above the knee or does not come with a scarf. Your choice should respect  the values of  the society, church and the couple. You do not want to choose a gown that will cause embarrassing moments  for you or any of the bridesmaids and does not have a negative effect on your wedding.
4. Season: The season will also determine the type of fabric used in sewing the gown, during dry season when there is so much heat, heavy fabrics like wool , satin,velvet is not advisable,except the venue of the wedding is cold conditioned. Lighter fabrics such as chiffon  is more like it.  And during rainy or wet season, the reverse is the case.
5. Type of fabric :One should avoid fabrics that are  prone to  rumpling, wrinkles ,creases and  get soaked or stained easily. Choose fabrics that are lightweight but of durable quality and can stand up to much movement without creasing as the bridesmaid will be moving around a lot and will have their gowns on from morning till evening.

Useful tip: Ensure your brides maids have a fitting session  weeks before the wedding and a final tryout days before the wedding to be sure everyone is properly fitted and the dresses appropriate, as final readjustments can cause delay or glitches in the wedding preparations. 
The dresses mus be ready latest two weeks to the wedding.

A happy brides maid also makes a happy wedding.
Now check out these lovely bridesmaids dresses of different colors, styles and lengths to inspire yours. 

40 Bridal dresses inspirational ideas for Nigerian Weddings

 Long and short  bridal gowns