International girl child day: 7 things every girl child in Nigeria deserves to have to become a great woman

0 things  every girl child  in Nigeria deserves to have to  become a great woman

Imagine a world were the Girl-Child would simply be allowed to be the child she is a and grow into the adult she can be. An adolescent girl has the right to safety, education, and a healthy life. This right is not only active throughout her critical formative years, but also as she journeys into womanhood.

The UN sustainable  development goals (SDGs) also include educating and providing a safe haven for the girl child. A girl child deserves the following to become a successful woman:
1. A girl child  deserves to be treated right, taken care of and brought up in a conducive environment.

2. She deserves to be heard and listened to, she has the right to quality education, good medical health care and well protected by the nation's legal system to enable her compete equally with other girls from across the world (Third world country or not)

3. She needs to feel comfortable with her innate feminism, she should not be made to feel sorry, regret or disappointed that she is a girl. A girl child must feel comfortable in her own skin, not pressurized to change or give up her sexuality to conform with society expectations.

4. She deserves to grow up being a girl and not forced into womanhood early. So No to sexual child abuse,rape,  molestation or early marriage.

5. She deserves to be  Protected from discrimination, inhibition and harmful practices that affect her health and well being

6. She deserves to be showered with gifts, unending love and reward her efforts accordingly. She must know having you as a parent is enough for her , that you are capable of providing for her needs till you hand over the responsibilities to a responsible man. She does not have to beg, sell her body for favors or demean herself to get ahead in life.

7. She deserves to be taught a skill |(sewing, cake making, new language, drawing, painting) and  her interests encouraged (music, writing, sports, acting ) to teach her self sufficiency and prepare her for greater days ahead when she needs to be Independence and her skills/qualifications are what will make her stand out.
Believe in the girl child, believe in her dream
Believe in the girl child, believe in her dreams
Finally, Investing in Girls is the Smartest thing a people & their government can do! An empowered #GirlChild makes a Powerful nation.

When you invest in a girl child, she does not win alone--Everybody wins

Let us inculcate confidence in our girl child daily. They must feel strong, brave, resilient, supported and embraced daily. Instill in her good values and moral principles that will help her have a bright future. Be a living example of what you preach. Practice them also.

Educate, uplift, celebrate, and cherish our girl children!