Travel: 7 Lessons from My One day trip to Takwa bay beach with Social Prefect tours (Pictures)

Travel:  7 Lessons from My One day trip  to Takwa bay beach with Social Prefect tours
Independence day Celebration 2016 in Nigeria was eventful , public holiday was declared to be on the 3 rd October, which happened to be a Monday. It was a perfect timing for me as I have been longing to go on one of the organised trips of Social Prefect tours, earlier trips have clashed with my schedules, but this one was just right and I didn't hesitate to join about 40 others to go  on a one day vacation to Tarkwa bay beach. It was fun, exciting and worth every N8000 I paid for it.

See Pictures from my trip below:
And watch the video here

My catwalk pose

Even the couples were not left out of the fun

Beautiful sights from the beach

Well for those who don't know, Tarkwa bay beach is one of the foremost Nigerian tourist centers, a place you should visit if you are looking for serenity, a beach getaway and a place to hang out with friends.

From the time taken to locate our takeoff point, delay waiting for others to join us (meanwhile, Franscesca, Chichi, Moremi, Vicky and I were already bonding), the boat ride, concentration game, Getting to know each other , the truths and a lie game, reaching our destination, period spent playing, eating lots of food, sweets, playing games, drinking, laughing and just being young and free till the time we eventually but reluctantly packaged our belongings to back home. It was a memorable experience I look forward to repeating.
Franscesca, Chichi, Moremi, Vicky and I

There were many wonderful , truly amazing people on this trip, we had  clowns like Pamilerin who made everyone laugh with his antics, Mabel and Tomi who couldn't stop with their "awwhs" and "ahs", they made everyone gestures appeared sweet, and there were plenty sweet moments sha,Ralph (The Indulgence) who gifted the winner of the dance competition,African inspired handmade ties and suspenders, Bella, our official photographer, Seun and Ope who were everywhere, Femi, supermodel  and Yetunde, co winners in Card games. There were other marvelous people too. I learnt new games, "burst a balloon", "Tie a leg and walk"  and glad my team, team Red won both but Monopoly and Volley ball were really No-No for me.

Here's the trick, Tarkwa Bay is really a lovely beach to visit , but to enjoy it to maximum satisfaction, you should consider the following tips as a tour guide.

1. Join an organised tourist group:  The reason is to Save yourself the unnecessary  hassles of bargaining with touts, usurpers and street urchins, a tourist company has the needed experience, knows the rules and will provide all the necessary information you need. Considering most Nigerian tourist companies charge a reasonable fee, its a fair bargain rather than losing money or valuables either by extortion or robbery. At Tarkwa bay, there is really no obvious administration, so residents set the price and they charge for all and almost everything, helping you out of water, renting canopies, chairs, ball, damage , but they can  be nice, we didn't pay for using the natural convenience,.
Once you act on this one rule, you may relax about the other six rules as most will be taken care of already.

2. It is more fun when you go with friends: Tarkwa bay beach is not a place for solicitude or an individual who wants to be alone, the fun is going with a group of friends, the more reason to follow the rule (1) above. With a tourist group, you can make new friends and bond with other vacationers. Having other people around make the beach experience more interesting, you can play, dance, eat and gist together rather than being alone and feeling awkward or becoming an easy prey to unruly elements.

3. Go with the essentials: The essentials include food, drinks, games, music, a generating set, swimming wear, as all these is scarce on the beach. Though it may be available but it might cost you more. More so, selling of food has been banned on the beach area.For those who love water sports, a scuba, diving board, tube is also necessary depending on your needs.

4. Dress appropriately: Shorts and t-shirts will do, also sunshades and  large brimmed hats can also be used to protect against the heat and sun rays. You may likely get wet, especially if you intend playing in or near  the water, also there is lot of sand which will likely cling to your skin. Thankfully on this trip, the heat was enough to dry our clothes fast, so I left the change of clothing till I got home.

5. Be open minded and relax: That is the main reason for the vacation anyway, to explore, see new places, meet new people, have a different experience and relax. After a non-stop 30 days of work with free hours during weekend, a whole day at the beach was a welcome idea and I fully utilized it.

6. Clear directions and transportation details are important : Getting to Tarkwa bay is usually by a boat, ferny or ship as it is on a island , therefore you need to cross water to reach the bay. There are different companies who run water shuttles to carry tourists to the beach front. Some used Tarzan ferries at V.I, but on this particular trip, we used Texas connection ferries in Ikoyi. Locating the ferry company  took many of us around in circles before finding the right address. Apparently there are two 12 Osborne road addresses, but the one we were looking for is in Osborne Foreshore estate.
Before taking off , you must  ascertain the transport means and boat schedules of the transport company. It is better you arrive early . Most ferries close operations by 6 pm/7 pm.

7.Be firm and go with your wits intact: On the beach, if you are not careful, you will end up buying every and anything, there are varieties to choose from, decorative seashells, paintings, artworks, wood carvings, coconut drinks, fruits, snacks, drinks, clothing, swim wear, water goggles, shades, board games and more. I ended up buying a wooden jewelry neck piece and one of the art works. You must also know how to bargain and negotiate well. The best idea is to have a budget and stick to it.

Our Jump and Dab pose

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