Diy: Want beautiful designs, images and captivating taglines in one hour ? Here's how to get started

As a blogger, I have always been experimenting with getting the right images/text/design  for my blog, (Thanks to my contributors, I really have no problems sourcing for images especially for the Diy posts). But as you are aware a great brand is more than just the offered value, the eye-catching , appropriate design, image and text  also helps in getting the message across too, even faster.

new logo of typearls
New Typearls logo,Which of the two grabs your attention?
A good brand worth its salt must have captivating theme,  a call to  action  that  converts potential customers to loyalists . A successful  business ( be it a blog, multinational companies, home service, new start up ) must have all the following and I have listed resourceful sites that you can get them for free.: These are the sites I use to add glitz and Sass to my images and brand (Typearls).

Typearls Tshirt
Typearls Tshirt

1.  Logos :An Image  or text that shows what your brand is about. It is your unique identifier.
Graphicsprings Logomaker

2. Slogans and taglines: A catchy phrase or word that captures the heart of your business
Shopify slogan-maker

3. Image and text design: Upload your image and add a text on it. Or use only text to pass your message across.

4. Create a poster/ Ad banner/Flier: For adverts (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads)  print and online publicity purposes.

5. Create unique Logos and taglines using a free logo maker service:

If you want something different and rare, you can hire a professional graphic designer or ad agency to  help you out but at a fee. Otherwise, you can just start with the sites above ,research and come up with something unique.

Once done, you can use your branded image and text on your souvenirs( T-shirts, pens, notebooks, keyholders), stationery (Letter head, poster), Ad banners, Watermark pictures and videos, Advert and publicity purposes.
In less than an hour , You have a tagline, a logo and Brand name.