10 hairspiration "puff puff" styles for the African woman using wool, rubber or attachment

Check out these lovely hair styles, some call it "puff Puff" because of it poffed up shape,others call it modified "suku". The styles involves parting and bunching up of some hair and threading it with wool, rubber or attachment.
For those who are more adventurous; they can add do a mix of styles , such as Ghana weaving, curling, braids or have a combination of big and small puffs.
What makes  this puff puff hair style is unique:
1. Its looks natural, classy and only the brave can wear it well.
2. It shows an independent spirit, non -conformity especially as the wearer is deviating from the usual wigs and weaves.
3. Style lasts long, easily maintained and can be done in different colors.
Its simplicity also makes it popular among fashionable African women as it can be done by an individual on her own hair or by employing the services of a hair stylist. 

See more puff puff hairstyles below: