Bead diy 24: Elegant trio design in simple and Vconnect form

Crystal size 6
Sand bead size 2
0.30 fishing line
2 Beading needle
Elegant trio design

The Elegant trio can also be shaped in a V-connect form 

Cut your fishing line and insert beading needle to both sides
String 1 cb,3sb, 1cb and slide them to the middle then cross with 1sb
With your right hand string1sb, 1cb and 3sb
Pass needle back through the next previous crystal and the first sb stringed and make sure you are facing your needle upward
Repeat previous step with right hand and repeat two times with your left hand side
Then the total crystal used will be 6 altogether then cross left and right fl with a sb
With your left fishing line, pass the needle through all the sand beads and come out from the place you entered from and you will notice 2cb are not covered
With your left hand pass the needle through the left cb and do the same with your right hand side
String 3sb and cross them at once with both hand then you will have a full flower
With both hand string 1cb and cross at 1sb
With right hand string 1sb, 1cb and 3sb then pass back like you did in the first flower by passing through the back of the previous next cb and through the first sb you just stringed making sure you face front
Repeat it one more time for the right hand side and two times for the left side then cross with 1sb
With your left fishing line pass your needle through and let it started from
Then pass both fishing line to the next cb next to them (That is left fl will go to the left cb and right fl will go to the right cb)
Cross both sides with 3sb
Repeat process 4more times to make 5flowers
With both hand string 1cb, and cross with 1sb
With your right hand string 1sb, 1cb and 3sb and pass like before through cb and the first sb u string facing front
Do it 2more times to make 5cb in the flower
With your left hand side do it once then cross with1sb
Pass left fl through all sb then come out with your both hand though the next cb that is next to the hands then cross with 3sb (you will notice you are facing another direction instead of facing straight, you will notice you are facing left side)
Continue to make additional twelve flowers then stop

In the last 6 flowers you make before facing left direction, you will see that there is two three separate sb, one is facing up while one is facing right
Pass your fishing line through all the three sb facing right and continue to make another 12 flowers