Bead diy 25: Beaded flower vase

Flower Vases beautify homes, offices and surroundings. If well used, they stand out as unique  decorations .
Beaded flower vase

Tools & Materials
  • Flower vase beads (Big plastic beads)
  • 0.70 or 0.80 fishing line
  • Cutter

  • Cut the fishing line to a controllable length
  • Fix 6 beads on fishing line and interlock with the 6th bead
  • Fix 4 beads on your left line and you interlock with the 4th to have a circle of 5 balls.
  • Fix right line in the next available bead and fix 3 beads on your left Interlock with the 3rd and fix right line in the next available bead
  • Repeat process to form any design of your choice