Beauty diy:These 20 natural effective products will make you kiss your Dark knuckles/ Dark Elbows Bye-Bye

Dark knuckles and hyper pigmented skin are a no-no for most people, it is often caused by over exposure to sunlight, improper hygiene ,  extreme reaction to skin care products like soaps, creams and washes. Naturally, knuckles, face, elbows  and ankles tend to be darker than other parts of the body because they are the parts that are most exposed to the harsh sun rays leading to over taning. There are different methods utilized in lightening and evening out the skin tone on knuckles , the two most popular are:
Beauty diy:These 20 natural effective products will make you kiss your Dark knuckles/ Dark Elbows  Bye-Bye
Healthy , even tone knuckles are the way to go

 MULTIMASKING : This  is the layering of different masks on your skin to tackle different issues. 
OCCLUSION:  This means to cover the skin (like wearing gloves) to maximize the lightening effects as it opens your pores and allows the mixture to stay and really penetrate the layers of the skin.

The underlisted natural products will help you in removing sun tan / sun burn, hyperpigmentation, dark spots / areas on your hands that you want to get rid of or lighten. 

1. Turmeric: Read all the reasons why Turmeric is a wonderful skin care product
2. Apple cider Vinegar
3. Vitamin C/ Asparin  : Ascorbic acid is found in Fruits like lime, lemons, oranges and there are tablets too that when grounded can be used to exfoliate and lighten skin. 
4. Lime/ lemon juice: Same as above, lemon oil is an alternative to lemon juice and lemon grass soaked in warm water  can be used also during bath periods. 
5. Vitamin E oil
6. Milk: The lactic acid contained in  milk helps in exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. 
7.  Cam wood ;  to lighten and moisturize the skin. Use any of the soaps made from camwood, Dudu Osun or Ghana Soap.
8. Almond oil
9. Brown sugar
10. Pumice stone

The last three have great skin exfoliating properties, the stone can be gently used to scrub the hands, especially the knuckle are to remove dead skin and peel away dark skin. 
Other organic products that have natural lightening properties include: 

11. Baking powder: 
12. Potato : Use Irish or sweet potatoes, cut into pieces, and rub into knuckles. 
13. Honey
14. Gram flour
15. Sandalwood
16. Cucumber
17. Glycolic acid
18. Onion
19.  Beet root
20. Roses

Skin care Tip: Before applying any of the products, make sure you moisturize and soften the skin using shea butter, cocoa butter or any of the essential oils (olive oil, lavender oil e.t.c) to protect the skin.