Black Friday 2016: 5 stores to shop this weekend and get Great Discounts (50%- 70% half price deals)

Black Friday is here again, an exciting time for shoppers  and for shoppers in Nigeria, there are great stores to shop and get your dream product and at give away prices too.
 Officially, Black Friday happens to be on 25th November, but some of these stores have started discounted sales on time as early as 18th.

1. Jumia:
2. Jiji.Ng:
3. Konga:

The above named named stores are online stores that cater to potential buyers who surf the internet to buy items, it has the added convenience of not facing traffic or jostling with other buyers on a queue to find a particular item. Also there is home delivery service available.

4. Spar:
5. Shoprite:
The last two are mega stores with physical locations around the country, you can find them in popular cities like Ibadan, Warri, Abuja, Lagos,Enugu, Portharcourt and more

Tips for getting the best deals

1. Compare prices
2. Shop early: Start your shopping from Thursday afternoon, so you can get your items delivered before time and be sure not to be out of luck when stocks start diminishing.
3. Have a budget and a priority list: Be discerning, not everything hat appeals to you needs to be bought.
4. Not often you get what you see; Shop from recommended sellers and stores, I will recommend Jiji.Ng as you can meet the supplier one on one and request for a replacement in case you are not satisfied with the product.
5. Be safety conscious : Dont leave your password and credit details online, Master card and paypal offers secured online payment options.
6. Never be cash strapped: Have alternative options for making payment in case you run out of cash, Make sure there is reserve in your bank and have your ATM with you.

Items that are likely to go on sale for half price deals
1. Phones and mobile accessories
2. Electronics (Tvs, Rechargeable lanterns, wireless speakers)
3. Hair products
4. Beauty and makeup products, cosmetics
5. Fashion clothing  and accessories( Belts, wristwatches, shoes, bags)
6. Jewelry
7. Gift items
8. Food stuff and provisions
9. Kitchen Appliances
10. Personal items (Toiletries)

Tip: Check out restaurants, hotels, vacation spots , some of these places can also be giving great Black Friday deals, it will be satisfying way to spend the weekend at any of the relaxation spots.