Business : How to become a successful Entrepreneur Like Maje Ayida , Tony Ekaidem

More and more people around the world are becoming body conscious along wanting to live a fit and healthy life. The fitness sector is going through a boom and there is no better time to become a fitness entrepreneur. If this is something that you are considering doing you are going to have to work hard so you will need to be efficient with your time and have a great business plan in place.


Business : How to become a successful Entrepreneur Like Maje Ayida , Tony Ekaidem

Knowledge Is Power

To be a fitness entrepreneur is vital that you know everything there is to help your clients. This means studying the different aspects of fitness such as nutrition and bodybuilding. If you become an expert in fitness your customers will reap the benefits and soon you will be full through word of mouth advertising. You can do this by carrying this out be doing extensive research and the most recent studies along with attending seminars. If you can tailor your fitness programs to individual needs, you will build a strong loyal following. Selling supplements and equipment is also an important part of creating additional income streams which will help your business grow.

Business Plan & Setting Targets

The only way to be a successful fitness entrepreneur is by having a well thought out business plan with realistic targets. Many people make the error of setting up a business blind without any planning or extensive research. It is why so many fail each month as they have not worked out the costs along with the total number of clients needed to break even. Without this figure, you can not set targets and if you are not careful you could end up making a huge loss because you did not do the required planning and cash flow forecast before opening the doors. Once you have done your business plan you will be able to work out if the business is a viable option or if they targets that need to be met are achievable.

Attracting New Clients

When setting up a fitness business one of the most important areas is to find out exactly how you can help them to the best of your ability. To do this the first point of contact need to be able to discover what it is the client wants or needs. Rather than having a sales pitch every time a new prospective customer calls or walks through the doors, you must make them feel welcome along with asking them questions so you can offer them a personalized service.

Working Hours

Another common mistake is that fitness owners work themselves into the ground and then they are unable to run the business correctly. The owner needs to set a time structure and make sure they use every available second in the most efficient way possible. Extensive research has been carried out and anyone who works above 40 hours per week is at the risks of causing serious health and well being problems. The more hours you work, the less efficient you become and it can have further implications on your personal life along with relationships.

Services you can offer:
Personal training regimes
Tummy Blasts
Abs toning
Strength and endurance training
General weight loss
Gym/ Exercise  palace
Diet recommendation

Potential clients
Stay at home moms
Sport personalities
Busy workers 
Recent mothers who want to shed pregnancy weight
Everyone: The myth is that only weight watchers need fitness expert, but the truth is everyone needs one. Fitness is not all about losing weight, it is about staying healthy. 

Tips to market your fitness programs:
Make use of social media
Take ads in local papers , radio and Tv stations
Attend Fitness events  and network with other industry players

Once considered the territory of men, but more women are joining the business and making a go off it. Nigerians who have made successful careers being Fitness coaches include: 

 +Sarah Boulos  +Farida Sanusi +FitNFab4life  Eziaha Bolaji Ojo, Tony (Ekaidem) +Body Alchemist , Ngozi Ojora, Nellies (It will end in praise)

Additional contribution by : John Hawthorne