Event: Testimonies abound at Jiji Best sellers conference - Man started with free ads and makes millions profit

Owners of Jiji.ng and guests at the sellers conference
Owners of Jiji.ng and guests at the sellers conference
The Jiji best sellers conference was held at the Western Hotels, Ikeja on November 3 2016 , it was a day of Amazing testimonies all round, how sellers grew their businesses from N50000 sales to Millions of Naira sales . Business is good when profits are made, buyers trust sellers and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Top 7 reasons many business owners gave  for choosing Jiji.ng  are: 

1. Reliable service: Jiji businesses are verified before activating their ads on the platform, physical verification is carried out on the business to determine the location and authenticity of the business. Till date, there has been no or few complaints about the nature of goods or services ordered on Jiji.

2. Low cost: There is the option of free ads , boost sales and premium sales.  Business owners can choose 1 month, 3 month or six month plans depending on the need of the business. 

3. High conversion rate: Ads gets served to targeted viewers.With better conversion than Facebook ads, Google ads and other competitor ads. Jiji ads are displayed at the front page of Google search results and also shown across mobile devices. 

4. Less interference and formality: Most business owners complain about the rigorous process involve din signing up on other online marketing platforms, rejection of product pictures, high costs involved in taking goods for warehousing, frequent returns and more. On Jiji, every process is simplified, once in touch, customers can deal directly with suppliers and schedule delivery dates, no penalty fees and less stress. Agents also help in obtaining clear quality pictures.

5. Bridge the gap between businesses and consumers

6. Prompt response to complaints and effective customer service

7. Trained Jiji Agents: They help in signing up businesses, registering accounts, taking and uploading photos, monitor account and sales and activate ads.

At the event attended by sellers, potential sellers , Jiji staff and the public, more revealing and amazing success stories were shared. Business owners shared their success journeys , once doubting Thomases, but now confirmed advocates of Jiji's exceptional service. Customers told of how they have cleared their long forgotten stores, restocked warehouses, made millions of sales, secured international contacts, expanded their networks, gotten credit facilities  within months of Jiji. Although , there were still few concerns raised  such as delivery of goods to clients, but someone suggested the use of Logistics and courier companies such as GIG logistics, a subsidiary of  God is good motors.

In  conclusion , it was a successful event and an eye opener as top sellers were promptly rewarded. There was also enough food, drinks and ssouvenirsto go round.