Online shopping: 3 Exclusive reasons why Jiji app is the Smartest app to shop Online In Nigeria

Smart Shopping With Jiji App just got better!
If you are looking for the best shopping experience, just open Jiji or download Jiji android app - . The biggest marketplace and the best online shopping spot in Nigeria, it functions in any corner of the country – from Lagos to little Gambaru.

Why people choose Jiji?

A. Why people choose Jiji?
  1. They trust 4.6 mln users, who chose the website before them
  2. They enjoy constant access to 600,000 ads
  3. They can buy literally everything in one place
  4. The lowest prices and huge selection is a killing combination
  5. No extra charges or mediators
  6. Why Jiji App is worth using?
  7. Free download
  8. Fast installation
  9. Low space requirements
  10. Low traffic use
  11. Minimum commercials
  12. All ads and filters are present
  13. No interference with other functions

B. Why do buyers like it?
  1. Huge selection of items from a dozen of categories
  2. Both new and used things are offered
  3. The lowest prices on the market
  4. Direct communication with the sellers
  5. Negotiable prices
  6. Special offers and attractive holiday sales
  7. Safety, security and protection from scams
P:S Contrary to some Opinions, not only used or pre owned items are sold on Jiji, In fact it is the best platform to source for new and latest products online, Whats makes it better you can meet the supplier directly to tell him/her of your needs and state your requirements, mores o all Jiji  Businesses have been verified so you can be sure of getting what you want.

Items on sale on Jiji include ;Properties, lands, Fashion clothing, cars, Makeup, electronics , general goods and Services. 

C. Why do sellers like it?
Why do sellers like it
  1. No need to throw out things you don’t need anymore
  2. Possibility to earn by selling fairly used stuff
  3. Posting ads is free of charge
  4. The amount of potential buyers equals to all Internet users
  5. Special boost plans for promotion of ads
  6. Phones, smartphones, cars, property, shoes, clothing, laptops, jobs, tokunbo – information about everything fits in.
  7. Take care of your time and money. Install Jiji App for smart shopping.

Tip : You can copy and paste the android app link- ""-   in the browser to download  and install it on your smart phone.

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