Thanksgiving 2016 : 15 Things I am most Grateful for

The year 2016 is gradually rounding up,  but on this Thanksgiving, I cant count all my blessings but I will name a few that am grateful for:

My fun pictures with social prefect

1. My Family: I love my parent (Its only my Dad now) and siblings, they are the anchor that keep me to earth. Anytime I feel like giving Up, I remember these ones still look up to me. I was chosen to be born into this family  , made the first to fulfill a master plan designed by the almighty creator.

2. God :  He is the reason why I am not only existing but living, he makes everything beautiful in is time, am glad, Christianity is my religion,  not because am biased, its all the more to appreciate the maker, sing praises to him because despite my frailties, stumbling and falls (so many times I have lost count), I am still standing and a testimony of his grace.#Miracleworker

3. Books: Many thanks to the authors of books, inventors of knowledge, researchers and entertaining writers who have given much to humanity by their creativity. I love books  especially novels, I read an average of two per day, they are my boredom chasers, soul lifters, ignorance dispellers  and source of information. Books are my only one obsession I Dont even try to cure.

4. Social media: How Did  I survive without Instagram , Blogger ,Twitter, Facebook and Google? Online is the new world, it has helped me reach clients even in the furthermost places of-the world, expanded my reach , been a constant source of news, gist and entertainment , gotten me new friends, gave me a new lease of life with my blogging , and most importantly, ended inane, unnecessary  arguments at the click of fingers. A correct time and breath  saver.

5. Technology : I am grateful fro the simplest pleasures and comforts that science brings, the mobile devices, Tv , digital set, microwave, dishwasher. A woman's companion and labour saving devices frees me more time to concentrate my efforts in the pursuit of happiness. 

 6.  Creativity and the freedom to express it:  Good music, beautiful pictures, nature paintings, wide open spaces, lovable crafts, an accomplished chef 's dexterity in the kitchen, sweet voices , a sportsman's deft moves whether playing football like Christiano Ronaldo, or racing like Usain Bolt gives me pure joy, it is like a balm in Gilead. I love Creativity and that who have skills have been open to allow me enjoy their talents. I am grateful we are living in a world where everyone can creatively express his/her talents without no limitation or fear.

7. Food , Sleep and Laughter: Chocolate cakes, Ice cream, barbecued meat , Organic drinks, Tiger nuts, A soft mattress , warm blankets, 6 hours non-stop sleep, heartfelt hugs, and a round of healthy laughter are the few pleasures I indulge in life, I am

8. People around me: These include Friends, Buddies , fellow online writers, diyers, clients, fans and colleagues: They are destiny helpers, character moulders,  future shapers, comforters, who have made the earth a place of learning and gaining , hey have held my hands , walked with me and lifted me up. Even those who think otherwise have just helped to hasten the fulfillment of my purpose. There is nothing as soul lifting as hearing a ping on your phone and seeing a "money received" alert, it speeds up the day, injects new vigor, restores weakening body and revitalizes the spirit. To all those who make it happen. #Grateful.

9. Politics: The very conflicts of human nature has been a mind opener, what will humans be without politics, it has caused many aches to  many, made friends turned arch- enemies, yet it has brought families together, made groups of different people  believe in a common cause, united the rich and poor together, caused alliances to be forged, created a new world order, inspired new economies to emerge and made us humans to know there is nothing that is cast in Gold. Everything has a beginning and an end. All things are transient/

10. Nigeria : My beloved country, what is there not to love? Full of so many intricacies, been called so many names, yet she is loved by many, hated by few, but admired by all because she always have the ability to surmount her challenges. She can wobble and fumble, but she will never be trodden afoot.

11. Intact senses: I am glad for my mouth that speaks beautiful words, says sorry when am wrong or uttered hurtful words, my tongue that can taste the deliciousness and sweetness of dishes. A  ear that is discerning, ready to filter out words that can ruin my day, hands that can touch and feel the glorious, wonderful sensations of another body /object. An eye that is myopic but sees deep into the innermost thoughts of some, A heart filled with healthy conscience and a capacity to love, a  brain that processes  hundreds of ideas daily and millions of actions in hours. My hands and brains are divinely blessed to continue to be creative , execute projects and continue to yield till I have been emptied of all I have to give.

12.  Spirit of Adventure: Taking long drives ( When  I am not driving, Of course) through the city without traffic jams, exploring  new cities with friends, hangouts, games (candy crush, chess), cross word puzzles, shopping, a day at the mall, cinemas and impromptu packing of bags for a vacation , even if its a weekend, seeing new faces, learning new languages ( Conjugated verbs, hellos, and bye byes), scenic sights and taking loads of pictures , planning events gives me my kicks . They are the steroids that feeds my wild side.

13. Body: It has never been a struggle to accept my body Image, Infact I Must confess, I love it. What is there not to like? Though, I would have wished some parts to be flatter and some curvier, some prominent and some hidden, some lighter and some darker,  but I have prayed to have the serenity to accept that which I cannot change , prayed for grace to work hard  at the ones I can change. So if diets, fitness challenges  does just not cut it. I have finally settled for the lifestyle that will make me live a more fulfilling life with minimum healh risks. A lifestyle filled with adequate exercise ,  going the natural way, avoiding harmful foods  (no matter the temptation), living healthy and allowing  nature to do the rest.

14.Today : Today, because it's a new adventure. Today, because it's another opportunity to make a positive change. Today, because it's another chance to open my eyes and see what a fantastic experience life really is. Today may not seem to be where I am going, but its better than the past I am coming from, the future remains yet unseen but I know It it is going to be great. Today is all I can hope for and I am glad, I am Living it.

15. You: Yes You!You are reading  and can understand this post, More so you  are  trying to figure me out.  I am glad for you!

What should I not be grateful for?  Nothing. I have the life I love. 
 I am thankful for Grace — for love that cannot be explained (only surrendered to), for a Creator that inspires creativity, for purpose and a hope that there is more greatness yet to be experienced.
I am just a clay in his hands, to be molded according to his will.

Love Always. 
- Christina