Bridal shower planning: 21 Items you must have on your checklist

Bridal Shower Package
Bridal shower is a party organised by friends of the bride or  maids of honour or mother or the bride herself as a sendoff from spinsterhood to launch her into marriage. The bridal shower must be fun, with lots of food, drinks and loads of happy activities involved for the ladies to enjoy themselves. To ease stress and ensure a hitch free bridal shower, it is best planned by professionals who will take care of the logistics and planning. Everyone just turns up and get the party rolling. 

To have a almost perfect bridal shower, her is a checklist of what must be done before, during and after . 

1ü  Date selection: To choose convenient date for bride, friends and maids of honor.  (Mothers optional)

ü  Choose theme of event: Alice in Wonderland, Beyonce, Party girl, Cinderalla, Madonna or favorite characters/role models.
ü  Venue selection
ü  Budget preparation
ü  Selecting/Making Invitations
ü  Sending Invitations and followup through emails, phone calls and text messages.
ü  Ordering flowers and décor items
ü  Planning a menu and  selecting a caterer
ü  Design and decoration of venue and bridal table setup.
ü  Provision of costumes and bridal shower props
ü  Coordinating vendors activities  and timely delivery  of services
ü  Making/purchasing favors for guests
ü  Selecting games or activities
ü  Greeting guests
ü  Arranging for gift presentation to bride , Collecting gifts and keeping them safe
ü  Writing down gifts received
ü  Taking pictures throughout the day
ü  Making sure the day runs smoothly and follows schedule
ü  Returning all rentals and equipment
ü  Executing of the day’s activities, games, quizs  and refreshment details.
Taking care of  music, entertainment, drinks and fun activities. 
ü  Pre setup , takedown and after shower services.

Prices start at N50000

Every one deserves happiness. Every bride deserves a happy bridal shower. 

Typearls Events N crafts is a ones top management outfit that specializes in event planning services, with vast experience in event coordination and management and capable professionals who are especially trained to make your events memorable. We make sure your events are planned to perfection.  While you rest, we create your dreams!

We provide pre-shower, during the day and after- shower services.

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