Crafts: 21 Favorite Homemade gift ideas for Christmas in 2016

Tis the season of joy and glad tidings, a time to share with family, friends and loved ones. A time to be merry, wine and dine, eat and drink and be full. While food and Drinks will be shared aplenty, Dont lets forget that the Christmas season comes with giving and receiving gifts. These 21 inspirational christmas gifts will make sensational presents , they are unique, homemade and handmade These gifts are simple to make especially if you are in a last minute rush to give them out. 
It is not about the price or cost of the gift, it is about the heart that gives it. 

1. Christmas bath bombs
2. Christmas candies
Christmas cookies
Christmas cookies
3. Christmas scented bath oils
4. Christmas packaged hampers: Filled with Handpicked items by you
5. Christmas chocolates
6. Christmas Home made perfumes
7. Christmas cookies
8. Christmas wreaths and decor
9. Christmas  Cake
10. Christmas soaps and body scrubs
11. Christmas Chicken (Seasoned, live or roasted)
12. Christmas essential oils packs
13. Christmas stationery (Pen, paper, book,Diary,  novel, dictionary)
14. Christmas candles
15. Christmas  baskets
16. Christmas ipad covers
17. Christmas wine / drinks
18. Christmas table covers
19. Christmas cards
20. Christmas Tie
21. Christmas beauty pack: Include lipstick,mirror,creams,shaving cream,breath mints, hand cream as appropriate

Tips for giving out Christmas gifts
 As a last minute resort, the following tips will be useful.
1. Get an attractive  gift from any  store (online/physical)  or from .
2. Hand print on it or have  a printer print Christmassy words or your favorite phrases on them.
3. Wrap them up in attractive papers and packages.
4. Make them smell nice by spraying them with  lovely scents.
5. Send them out with heartfelt wishes and prayers. 
Don't forget that the traditional christmas colours, Red, gold, green, white must feature in your diy gifts, Blue is becoming an accepatble coloyur especially formen. You can also add some glitz and sparkle to it by adding singing carols, lights and glitters to the gift items.

Merry and ring the bells Aloud! Hope your loved ones enjoy the gifts you are making them.

Keep Crafting!