Event: Lighthouse christian centre, Lagos holds Christmas carol

The lighthouse christian church , (Lagos Branch ) held its Christmas carol service at its Ogba Location on Sunday, December 18th, 2016.
Hosts: Pastor Yemi Aduloju and Pastor Bolaji Osuntade
Christmas carol ministration in progress
Christmas carol ministration in progress

It was an  atmosphere filled with Praise and worship, with powerful ministrations from Pastor Jennifer, Charis Choir and Licc (Lighthouse Christian  Church) Singers, the event was power packed and explosive. The highlights of the Christmas carol was the Healing In praise session and Instrumentalists Performance.

The Gangan (Talking drum), my favorite musical instrument was played to perfection, it got me and many others on our feet dancing for hours. 

When Praises Go up, Blessings come down!

Church decoration and lighting provided by:  Typearls Events