Monday motivation: What I wore and how single ladies should spend their Xmas

face modelling

Today  I am getting a nudge to preach...
...and my message is for single sisters...
It is Christmas time and yes it is going to be a tough season...
You already know what it feels like now...
To travel home and meet all the aunties , uncles , cousins , friends et al.
Perhaps you are even dreading the visit .
... Because of the sure - banker question or if your village "parapo" really hate you - questions...
Variants of " When are you bringing him? " or "When are we coming to eat rice?"
Yeah , it is Christmas time. If you like cry because the year ended and you did not actually get married or even have any plans to...

But , I want to tell you , stop wasting your tears and open your eyes.
Do not go and fall for any "kalo kalo" man all in the name of " I must get married.
If you make that mistake , no body will pity you... and all the people you think are mocking you behind your back now will join to abuse you and mock you to your face.
The fact that you are not married is not a reason to cry.
Think of the many beautiful things about your life.
Yes, it is true that everyone or almost everyone longs for companionship and the feeling of belonging to someone who they can equally call their own... Yet, many miss the goal and it is not the only goal or the ultimate goal.
So, this Christmas, dear single lady, sit down and articulate your goals.
Focus on the ones that do not depend majorly on another human to make it happen. As you make those goals happen, you fulfill your life's purpose too.
Eat rice and chicken.
Enjoy the holidays and the festivities.
When the time comes when you feel lonely, look around and see the opportunities for new friendships.
Don't be so sad because your old friends seem to have outgrown the friendship, or are now preoccupied with their family... Your new friends await you.
If you are like me, you know this is the free time you have been longing for... to watch all the movies and series you have been saving on your disk drive or even to read those novels you never bought because you were wondering when you d have time to read them.
Whichever option you go for, please don't ever let it be that of settling for less than the best that you deserve.
Let it never be an option for desperate measures that you choose.
Choose a wholesome life, choose a focused you. The focus on what truly matters...
Single or not ... you are still a great person, awesome and beautiful indeed.
Remain so.

So now on to What I wore and me playing around with some Face modelling pictures!

The same way my friend Onaoluluwa felt the nudge to preach to single ladies this Christmas. I also felt the nudge to share my face modelling pictures.Behind me is the newly constructed Terminal building nad parking lots in Muritala Muhammed International Airport Lagos. It shows that with a little faith, every obstacle that seems insurmountable can be removed. In just a matter of time and persistence, every work in progress can be finished.

What I wore: Simple Blue gown Outfit
Hair: Wool braids
Makeup; God's grace

Enjoy your Christmas!