Skin care: Magic soap recipe for Acne cure as skin toner and Blog reader's testimony

The magic  soap is really magic, it works wonders for all skin types , removes blemish , improves skin tone and cures acne. What's more, its cheap and easy to make
Magic soap gives a blemish free skin
Magic soap gives a blemish free skin
Here's how to make it:  With less than N5000, you get a month's worth supply of magic soap. 

Soap ingredients:

15ml honey
A litre of Dudu osun ( camwood) soap or Ghana soap.
1tsp tumeric
Half cut of lemon
Olive oil

Pour the  soap in a bowl , add tumeric mix thoroughly, add olive oil mix again, add honey mix together and add half cut of lemon juice den mix thoroughly. Apply on the face and body, leave for about 10min before wash.
If you want a lighter shade, add carrot oil or orange peel.
A blog reader, funmi  shared her own magic soap testimony , how she made it after reading about one of the soap recipes on this blog and evidently the soap has improved her skin complexion , leaving it blemish free. 
  Skin care: Magic soap recipe for Acne cure as skin toner a Blog reader's testimony
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