Training: Pictures from Lagos class on beads making , perfumes, soaps and Ankara crafts

Hey blogreaders,
Did you miss any of my training classes? Here is a recap.
It was fun making all these amazing projects, am sure every student gained knowledge and improved on their creative skills. #craftyfingers. 
Training: Pictures from Lagos class on beads making , perfumes, soaps and Ankara crafts
The unexpected turn out for the Lagos trainings have been amazing, Recession or not. It just proved me wrong, and shows how much people are willing to dump the conventional 9-5 jobs and be in charge of their own financial destiny. Not by MMMing.

Acquiring a skill is more than finding alternate source of income and making money, more importantly there is a joy and pride that one derives from using his/her to create crafts that other people enjoy,can use and willing to pay for.
Recently i watched as King Sunny Ade ( famous Nigerian musician) celebrated his 70 years birthday and 50 years on stage.  What a milestone! It was a gathering of who is who, celebrities, politicians and richest people in Nigeria including Aliko Dangote and Femi Otedola, but the highlight of the event was the auction of KSA's guitar which was auctioned and sold for a staggering N52.1million. Such huge sum of money for a musical instrument? But it was more than a guitar, it represented years of loving, expertise, Experience and good craftsmanship. Imagine the joy of the guitar's creator, he got one of many of his works sold for millions. That's the pride we crafters have, with dedication and persistence. Our artistry and works of crafts can be the inheritance for our children and generations unborn. That's why whatever your hands finds to do. Do it diligently.
During the Lagos trainings, some of the crafts taught included:
Fashion: Ankara crafts (bags, shoes, jewellery, bangles), wedding hand fans, and hair fascinators.
Bead making : Flatron, spiral,layer,vconnect e.t.c procedures, matting, weaving and double matting procedures.
Body and akin care products: creams, soaps, perfumes and body wash.
Household products: insecticides, disinfectants, liquid soaps and cleansing liquids.
We have been busy and more is still to come in 2017.
Currently, am in talks with a business school to organize trainings on business, agriculture, fashion and entrepreneurship and it will be absolutely free. Will keep you posted, just follow this blog for updates.
For in depth trainings, don't forget to register for our next set of trainings on beauty/skin care and wig making.
See pictures of various trainings and crafted products below:

Keep crafting!
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