Skincare: Is there any difference between Camwood and Sandalwood?

For those of you wondering if Camwood and sandalwood are the same or if they are different from each other. I used to feel as confused as you do till I made some research  that enlightened and here's what I found out:
Skincare: Is there any difference between Camwood and Sandalwood?
Grounded Sandalwood. Grounded camwood also looks similar

Camwood also called Barwood or African sandalwood but scientifically named as  Baphia nitida is a shrubby, leguminous., hard-wooded tree from central west Africa. This wood is of a very fine color, and is used in woodcarving.

Camwood is known as "osun" in Yoruba It Is the major constituent of the famous Black soap made in many West African countries, though also gaining popularity in the advanced and western countries too.

The tree's bark and heartwood are commonly used to make a brilliant but non-permanent red  dye, that is  soluble in alkali.

Sandalwood is a highly fragrant sweet scented wood which comes from the Santalum variety of woody trees and shrubs.
Sandalwoods are heavy, yellow, and fine-grained woods, and unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades.
It has been used for many years in making cosmetics,scent sand   incense.

The similarities:
Both Camwood and Sandalwood are used in the skin care industry, the wood is used in carving and furniture making, The bark and extracted oil is used in making the scents and cosmetics.Both also give out strong aromatic scents.

The difference:
Camwood is mainly grown in Africa, Sandal wood is grown in Australia and India.
Camwood is mainly red in colour, Sandalwood comes in red and white variety.
Therefore, Camwood can be referred to Africa's sandalwood.

Why is sandalwood oil expensive? Sandalwoodoil currently sells forN13,000 perliter.

This is due to the decline of trees as a result of  forest exploitation resulting in fewer trees harvested for sandalwood oil