Food: 20 All -time favorite Snacks of Nigerian travelers

Choosing the right snacks while traveling is as important as the journey itself .And trust Nigerians to really love and enjoy these delicious , yummy and tasty snacks. Travel snacks are important sources of  nutrition .Journeys can be long or short depending on the routes and mode of transportation, usually when crossing from one part of Nigeria to another, say from south to east or North to west , the journeys undertaken by roads can be tedious and consume better part of the day. 
travel:20 All -time favorite Snacks of Nigerian travelers
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Though drivers stop along predetermined foodjoints or locations along the routes like the popular Oore, Ondo state , Lokoja, Niger state , Asaba, Delta State for travelers to eat, snack, take small pleasures  and recover their strengths, the time in between stops can be long and far in between. For passenger to renew their strength, snacks come in handy to provide the necessary nutrition and vitality. 
 Snacks taken for long trips should be  handy and easily carried around, they  must not be prone to spillage, messy, rotten or crumbling. Travel Snacks  can be wrapped, put in ziploc bags or pocketed in mini travel bags to make them easy to retrieve.

 In choosing the snacks for a journey, a passenger need to know his or her body system, how well his stomach can hold food, allergies, previous illness, diet troubles and so on. Some passengers avoid taking fruits and vegetables before and during a trip as this can cause frequent bowel movements , a need to urinate often or incessant farts which can cause a large discomfort to the passenger, other passengers,  or interrupt trips.

The all time Favorite Nigerian Travel snacks are listed below not in a particular order, but they are definitely snacks Nigerian travelers love the most according my own research:

1. Sweets and desserts: 
Chocolates, bubble gum, coconut chips

2. Suya (Barbecued meat)  or any fried/grilled meat 

3. Plantain  or potato chips 

4. Popcorn 

5. Biscuits or  Crackers

6. Pringles (Shaved potato chips)

7. Bread

8. Gala

9. Fruits: Apple, pawpaw slices, banana or orange

10. Pastries: Meat pie , Chin chin ,Puff puff,  Egg roll or Sausage  roll: This is common around all toll gates along Lagos- Ibadan express route. 

11. Nuts: Groundnuts , Tiger nuts  or Cashew nuts

12. Cakes: Favorite of almost every Nigerian airlines. 

13. Roasted Plantain (Boli)

14. Popcorn (Guguru)

15. Dodo Ikire ( Mashed and Fried  Over ripe plantain): This is a famous snack delicacy that originated from Ikire, Osun state but has gained popularity all over Nigeria. The snack is made from overripe plantains, mashed or pounded, mixed with salt , spices and fried in round small balls. 

16. Sugarcane

17.  Maize/ Corn (Roasted or boiled)

18. Bush meat: Nigerians are lovers of meat, as long as the meat is red, fried and almost dripping with oil , they rush to buy it. A word of caution though,  most meat passed off as bush meat is not actually bush meat or it is not the meat the hawkers claim them to be so they tend to cheat unsuspecting passengers. A passenger must be wise to be able to determine a hare, bush rat, pig, grass cutter meat, also know if the meat is properly cooked with minimal oil to allow for negotiation and also protect his health. Otherwise one will end up paying high for a low cost bush meat and also have indigestion to crown it. 

19. Fried yam slices (Dundun)

20. Wara (Local cheese cake): Boiled or fried. 

5 Top Best snack combinations

1.  Bread , Bean cake (Akara) and Coke : Seriously, there is no better burger made than Agege Bread and Akara Osu, for any traveler along the Ibadan-Ife route, must stop to buy the favorite snack combination of hot fried bean cakes and Bread, washed down with chilled (Almost frozen ) Coke drink is the ultimate snack for any traveler on Nigerian roads. Not only does it provide fortification, but it is less likely to give any traveler a troublesome Stomach during trips.

2.Local Peanut butter and Garden egg

3. Boli and Groundnuts

4. Roasted maize and African pear or coconut pieces: This is a favorite snack found especially in the eastern states.

5. Gala and Vijumilk: Reportedly saving Nigerian travelers since 1950.

15 Ideal Nigerian drinks that complements Travel snacks 

  1. Fan Super Yogo/ Fan Vanilla Ice
  2. Pepsi
  3. Coke
  4. Hollandia Yoghurt
  5. Ice cream
  6. Energy drink
  7. Smirnoff
  8. Viju milk
  9. Bottled Water
  10. Lucozade boost
  11. Ribena
  12. Malts drinks (Malta guinees, Maltina, Amstel malta
  13. Red wine
  14. Fruit juice
  15. Milk shakes ( Just add some milk like Peak Evaporated milk to other drinks like Maltina ). It has been said and proven , this is the ultimate blood tonic, it revitalizes energy faster than you can imagine. 

So which is your favorite combination? Currently mine is Tiger nuts, Sugar cane and Hollandia Yoghurt .

+Coca-Cola +Pepsi +Peak MilkNG