Craft diy: Learn How to make Ankara decorative wall art in 3minutes.

These decorative,lovely wall designs made from Ankara are beautiful and easy to make. A friend recently shared the tutorial and I know you my blog readers will love it too.

Designing isn't all about fashion and clothes. Put creativity to work. You can do this instead of discarding your left over ankara fabrics. I wanted to add life to my fashion studio and decided to try my hands on this and it came out beautifully.

Materials needed:
Scrap ankara pieces
Uhu gum
Glue gun Scissors
Measuring­ tape Carton (preferably thigh carton)


Use the carton to cut out desired shape. Could be a circle or rectangle. I decided to use kite shape.Take the cut out shape and glue to your ankara piece and cut the ankara to be exactly the same size with the paper board/carton.
Turn carton over to the other side and repeat process. But this time, cut out the ankara piece leaving one inch space for gluing Put glue on the one inch ankara and fold over.
Smoothen with your hand to prevent wrinkles.
And viola!!! Your home/office decor is ready!
Use the glue gun to stick it to the wall/­desired surface. I
chose to use the glue gun because if there is need to remove it for relocation purpose or any other purpose, it won't stain the wall and won't destroy the decor either. You'll just pull the glue off.

Important tip: Straighten out the ankara pieces by ironing before you begin.

Enjoy crafting!