Lifestyle: 10 proven and effective steps to gain weight fast

 10 proven and effective steps to gain weight fast

Having  a perfect, hour glass, figure 8 body has always been the desire of most individuals. Almost everyone would like to have the curves in the right paces, and just right weight to be proud of. No more, no less. So what constitutes a right figure ? There was a time in the society, Orobos and heavily endowed women was the rage, later the slim  Lepas took over. Now its all a matter of perception of the individual concerned and feeling comfortable with one skin. 
 Millions of money is being made by fitness experts, health companies, pharmaceutical industries, natural drug sellers, dietitians and all those who purport to  have the answers or products helpful to either make people lose weight or gain weight. Slimming teas, waist corsets, natural herbs, fitness equipment , food supplements are sold in thousands daily for those who desire to change their weight.

I used to think that losing weight was the main problem, until I started receiving mails, chats and messages seeking advice and help on how to gain weight. Say what!
However, I can relate, I started gaining weight when friends and family complained about me looking ill and skinny during my school days, I binged on Yoghurt, Ice cream , chocolate to gain weight and now I am constantly fighting a battle to keep my weight under control. I guess its easier for some than others to  gain weight. 
To gain weight fast and in a healthy manner,  change your lifestyle to include the following:

1. Don’t drink water before meals. 

2. Eat more often. Eat food  rich in fat and energy giving foods and three times daily.  Yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate, Solid foods (Pounded yams) , Fast foods (Shawarma, Suya, ), beef are your best bets. 
When cooking, use lots of oils, palm oil, groundnut oil or vegetable. Fry your foods. 
Eat your protein first and vegetables last. Use bigger plates. 
3. Snack often : Chips, pastries, sweets,
4. Drink milk, malted drinks, carbonated soft drinks, ice cream, fat rich smoothies, Viju and other 
5. Try weight gainer shakes. These are very high in protein, carbs and calories.
6.  Exercise to build strength and muscles.
7. Take Mawu Mawu" drug, it has been reported to work wonders
8. Get quality sleep. 
9. When you are using drugs like anti biotics. Drink malted drinks too. Truly, Malt and milk is the perfect food for someone who wants to gain weight. 
10. Don’t smoke (Cigarettes, Indian hemp are a no-no). Avoid local drinks and Gins. 

Causes of Weight loss:

1. Insufficient sleep
2. Health related issues- Sickness, Infection, Diseases
3. Genetics
4. Eating disorders
5. Stress/ Work pressure
6. Depression 

Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. When you follow the steps outlined above, you should see changes within a month. If not,  continue and wait another three months before visiting a health professional if other options can be considered.

For effective weight gain, try this delicious smoothie recipe

WeightGain drink diy
1 large avocado (200g seeded)
1 large banana
2 cups whole milk (or coconut milk)
2 cups freshly chopped mango
2 cups fresh Ugu or Tigernuts

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blender until smooth. 
Drink up!Enjoy

Wish you a  successful weight gain journey with ease!