Relationship: 10 Things Nigerian single ladies wants their married friends to Know

Why do married friends disdain their single ladies friends suddenly after marriage, do they believe they are a threat to their marriage or think these friends aren't loyal?

A loyal friend  is a valuable gem 

Then friends that were single with you will now also cut you off after they get married. I'm actually done". Dear Married friend (s) , those of you who have decided to cut me off because you think you're now better than me. God Bless you! .
1.  bought your pricy Asoebi & wedding gown (50 -70k)
2. I paid makeup fee for your wedding (15k)
3.  I traveled out of Abuja / Lagos 3 times with you for introduction, thanksgiving and engagement
4. I participated and planned your hen night like it was my own
5.  I carried your wedding gown and followed you all day on your special day
6. I wiped your tears & made sure sweat didn't ruin your makeup on your big day
7. I served your guests like I would serve my own
8. I protected all your secrets and gave you moral support until you entered your home happily
9️. I  answered all your calls and text at any hour of the day. *If I didn't I'm Enemy of Progress or a Hater*

Then you got pregnant, you hid it from me like I'm the witch or "Aje" in your village eating all the children. I found out you were pregnant on Instagram like everyone else. Really? .

You hardly pick my calls anymore, you don't reply messages but you like pictures all day on IG wedding blogs and change your whatsapp DP. Am I now inferior to you because you're a bride?

When you needed me why didn't you ignore? When I get married will you want to be My friend again? Your husband keeps asking why we aren't close, what did I do wrong ?
A lot of single ladies go through this and worse.

The above post was posted on Joro Olumofin's page,but in addition to the Nigerian single ladies complaints about her best friend who is now married, there are other things she would her to know:

1. See, friend, hear me out once and for all, others may be, But I am not after your husband.
2. Your being married should not make you insensitive to others.
3.Getting married is  not a guarantee for a better future, so mine cant be worse than yours.
4. I appreciate our friendship, the beautiful moments we have had and I dont want us to lose it.
5. Yes, It is tough o be single at an advanced age, but believe me, I am not desperate to date any man.
6. Please include me in your social plans , I wont embarrass or tell off color jokes.
10 Things Nigerian single ladies wants their married friends to Know
7. I respect your privacy, the same way you dont want to tell your husband's secrets to me, do not go off telling my secrets to him. It aint cool.
8. Before you married, you had a life, now that you are married. Life hasnt stopped, so stop acting like it has for you.
9. I am not jealous of your marriage, rather, am happy with it, it is your avoiding me that I do not like.
10. Getting married earlier does not necessarily mean you are a btter person than I am, it just means Luck smiled on you early. 

Now I wonder, if single ladies have these thoughts, what happens when they also get married.
Is there something about marriage that instantly change best , Korikosun (Didnt see, cant eat) friends into mere acquaintances?
 If you have other things you would love your married friend to know. Do drop it in the comment box below.