Skin care: 10 Must have Natural Organic products to protect Skin and hair against Harmattan

Harmattan season is here again, this is the period where everywhere seems dry, cold and there is lot of dust accumulation. Runny noses, dry/flaky skin, Apollo (Conjuntivitis), cold, sore throats are the most common plagues of the harmattan period. Now is the time to protect your skin , hair and body more than ever. To do so, make sure the following items are not far from your reach.

Skin care: 10 Must have Natural Organic  products to protect Skin and hair  against  Harmattan

1. Water Spitz: 

Combine water and oils(Preferably olive oil, coconut oil and Eucalyptus oil ) in a spray bottle and keep it handy. Spray on your skin and hair throughout the day as often as necessary to keep the skin glowing and shiny. The water treatment helps hydrates the skin and keeps the moisture locked in.


2. Lotion bar soap; 
Bar soap containing lots of essential oils and moisturizing agents.

3. Butter body lotion: 
Ordinary Vaseline does not cut it, ensure your body lotion contains rich body butters like cocoa butters, sheabutter or mango butters. Moisturizers helps to battle dryness and prevent excessive flaking of skin.

4. Essential oils:
 Sweet almond, Lavender and Orange essential oils

5. Mild facial cleansers: 
Avoid alcohol based cleansers, rose water is a mild cleanser, use it to clean off dust and dirt from face. To remove makeup, use a cream based makeup remover.

6. Lip gloss:
lip balms to soften and hydrate lips. To male the lip sticks last longer, apply some powder after putting on lip stick. 

7. Vitamin C Tablets: 
To repair skin, smooth complexion, heal sore throats and nourish damaged hair. 

8. Brown sugar scrub: 
To exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells and open up pores. During the harmattan period, there is lot of skin rejuvenation going on, dead skin must be removed to allow for newer, supple skin.

9. Aloe vera: Add few drops of Aloe into your lotion, soaps, balms, and hair products to replenish lost nutrients and aid in keeping akin look younger.

10. Body spray : 
You can make your own homemade perfume containing your favorite essential oils too to make your skin refreshed and smelling nice all day. 

The items listed above are natural, organic skin care products ideal for body, hair and skin as they are less messy, contains little or no preservatives, baby friendly, can be used by kids and aduklts, have no adverse effects, less grease and can be packaged or bottled to take on airplanes, road trips or for normal outings. 

More Importantly, observe the Dos and Donts of The Harmattan season to get you through this period healthy and better looking. 


1. Drink lots of water  and eat plenty fruits to keep the  skin hydrated.
2. Use Moisturizers and lotion bars to revitalize  your skin and keep cells thriving. 
3. Wear sunshades 
4. Wear protective clothing, especially on hands and feet. Gloves, soaks, and light sweaters.
5.Keep your environment free of dust and dirt, if it means cleaning and mopping the house, twice daily, so be it. Dust clogs the nostrils, causes adverse skin reactions and clings to skin.
6. Use more of oils and additional  sunscreen .
7. Apply lotions while skin is still damp, towel dry your body but not too much that no moisture is left.
8. Keep exercising, as this helps the blood to circulate more and rejuvenate dead skin cells.
9. Cover your nose with handkerchief in dusty areas. keep hankys handy as the urge to sneeze can come often. 
10. Wear protective hairstyles, do not do too much of braiding, relaxing as this will only tug and pull at the roots of your hair. Fixing, loose braids, weaving are ideal hair styles. Also lock in moisture by spraying Spitz (Water and oil mixture) on hair. 


1. Do not drink Carbonated drinks
2. Do not use harsh chemicals ore excessive lightening creams on your skin.
3. Do not use antiseptic , anti fungal or anti bacterial soaps, as they dry the skin of oils, if you must, make sure you use lots of bath oils and body lotion after.
4. Do not take hot baths, mild warm baths will do, hot baths also strips the skin of its natural oil. You do not need to stay in bath longer than usual, warm showers are enough. 
5. Do not use comb wet hair, use gels or hair dyes during Manhattan, it damages the hair and cause breakage
6. Do not apply heavy makeup, allow your face to breath. 
7. Avoid excessive bathing or washing of hair.
8. Do not lick lips often as it dries up lips faster. 
9. Do not forget to appear Nail polish or nail hardener; To protect nails from extra brittleness.