Wedding Inspiration: Onunu, Rivers state dish as Wedding Food of the day

Whoever said Nigerians are boring when it comes to food has obviously never been to the country. Nigeria is blessed with so much local delicacies that are nutritious,tasty and yet colorful . Onunu, a food dish common to the Riverine districts in South South Nigeria is one of them, this particular dish is made from the combination of mashed plantain and yam and it can be served as a main dish during Nigerian weddings . It will absolutely whet your guest appetite and make your event an unforgettable experience. 
Onunu can be served with various soups like Goat meat / Catfish pepper soup,Odu (Native stew) Efo riro (Vegetable soup), or just fried beef stew. The choice of soup depends on your taste or the desiresof your guests.
Below, I have shared a easy to follow recipe of how to prepare Onunu and Goat meat pepper soup as originally shared by Food City Nigeria  

Onunu can be served with various soups like Goat meat / Catfish pepper soup, Efo riro 

1 medium sized yam
Palm oil
Salt to taste
* Boil yam and plantain with salt but don’t let it over cook 
* When done, put yam in a mortar and start pounding, add the plantain and continue pounding so the plantain would mix well with the yam, add a little palm oil and pound more so the palm oil can also mix well and is well combined. Serve hot with Goat Meat Pepper Soup.

Goat Meat Pepper Soup
Fresh Pepper(Ata Rodo)
Goat meat
Seasoning cubes
Pepper soup spices
Scent leaves (Efinrin or Basil)
Cut meat into small chunks and wash thoroughly.
Add seasoning cube and salt and steam under low heat till almost dried up.
Add 4 cups of water and stir together. Add the grounded pepper soup spice and leave to cook for a few minutes.
Add the blended fresh pepper(Ata Rodo) and seasoning cubes.
Cook until meat is soft and soup slightly thickened.
Add salt to taste and leave to simmer for 10 mins.
Garnish with efinrin (Scent) or mint  leaves

Enjoy your meal