10 Favourite valentine gifts for his and hers ( We absolutely love them)

Buying the latest smartphone (Iphone or Samsung) will not necessarily endear you to your valentine's heart this season, either it is a first time valentine gift or the fifth, a gift must be carefully chosen, not because of the cost but based on the value it holds and the memories attached to it.
Valentine gifts should be special , as it is a celebration of loved closed ones.
The gifts listed below are ideal gifts for  the men, women in your life , they also include gifts that holds special appeal to both sexes.
10 Favourite valentine gifts for his and hers ( We absolutely love them)

For HIS 
1. A piece of Fashion  item: Shirt, tie,  cuff links, a pair of socks, a belt, a wristwatch , Sunglasses,

2. A bottle of lovely perfume.

3. Collection of his favorite hobby: Games, movies, sports (Football, basketball), music collection from his favorite artiste.


4. Jewellery: Either go the vintage route or think out of the box, a gold headpin, a diamond brooch,  a tiara, a complete jewelry set (earrings, necklace, bracelet and rings). Jewelry of rare gems or beads have always been the key to unlock a woman's heart.

5. A beautiful card filled with sweet words

6. A box of chocolates

For both sexes

7. A box of cupcakes in different flavors, red velvet, black fores, chocolate, banana, coconut with their favorite toppings  whipped cream, chocolate flakes, chocolate chips,

8. Underwear items: A piece of lingerie, form fitting bra, pants, boxers, singlets always makes a nice valentine gift.

9. Home cooked meal: A meal prepared from scratch cooked by your loved one make sit the more special.

10. A special outing :  A beauty session at a spa/ massage parlour, a club outing, movie time out at a local theatre, dinner at a special restaurant, treat at a resort center.