Event Planning: Event planners and Event managers - Are they the same or different?

The events industry is growing at a fast pace, and job positions that have been used interchangeably before with ease have taken on new meanings that clearly needs to be defined and their responsibilities outlined .  You would have been familiar with words like event vendors, wedding planner, events planner, events manager, bride coordinator, party planner and you begin to wonder if they are all the same or different. The most confusing ones are event planners and event managers, do these terms  describe the same position?
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From my understanding, they do not, an event planner is not the same as an event manager. It is easy as a one man business to take on both roles,but in bigger events companies with an advanced structure, the responsibilities are basically outlined and different people hired for the positions depending on the size of the company, qualities and time of the individual to be hired. 
So what is the difference?
Differentiation and describing  both roles can be quite challenging , but i have helped out by stating an event planner and event manager responsibilities below.
An event manager is responsible for the execution of the event, he/she is the onsite coordinator and responsible for
  • reserving a location for an event
  • coordinating outside vendors
  • developing parking plan
  • designing emergency contingency plans
  • ensuring compliance with health and safety standards
  • managing staff responsible for each function
  • overseeing execution of event
  • monitoring of the event
  • resolving event situations on site
  • keeping track of time during your events
  • ensuring proper set up as established by the bride or planner,
  • managing the wait staff, catering liaison, and other venue-elated tasks that are pivotal to the success of the event.

Do you also know that event designers/ stylists are different from event decorators?

An event Planner on the other hand, is there with you every step of the way. From the very first moment till you walk down the aisle. He/she orchestrate all of your details including :
  • selecting an overall theme for the event
  • developing a budget
  • managing your vendors,
  • assist with contract negotiations,
  • selecting and managing a venue
  • negotiating hotel contracts
  • hiring outside vendors
  • planning the menu
  • hiring a caterer
  • arranging for guest speakers or entertainment
  • coordinating transportation
  • choosing the color scheme
  • developing invitations
  • create and manage timelines
  • and other countless important details.
  • Now that you have a clearer definition and understanding of both roles. 

Next time you preparing for an event , be honest enough to projec the right image and define the roles you will be taking on. 
And if the client happens to ask "Event Planner or Event manager? Which are You?"

What will your answer be?