Event planning:7 elements of winning edge Event management proposal

It is easy to download templates, use proposals found online or bought from copywriters  and send them forth without editing them, that is so wrong. Take time to edit any proposals, even the one originally crafted by you should be modified for the particular company in mind. The following items are needed to craft the perfect event management proposal for your brand. 
7 elements of  winning edge Event management proposal

1. Introduction
State your company/brand name, who you are, location, what you do and services provided or offered. 

2.  Summarize Your Experience as an Event Planner 
Show Your Work, include quality pictures, past events , scope of work. Keep it brief and detailed.  Name past clients, associations you belong to, awards, top vendors you work with. Always Put your best foot forward. 

3. Testimonials
Include testimonials , referrals and feedback from previous clients, it has been proven that most people tend to do business with brands that they have been referred to and they trust other people's judgement. A five minute client dissatisfaction can ruin a five years worth of reputation. 

4. Event Policies
Terms of agreements, policy contracts can be included if the proposal is for a definite event, but if you are in the introduction stages or a general proposal, you can leave this out , or add in a follow up document. 

5. Money
Pricing is important in every proposal, do not shy away from it, you can either allude to it in your first proposal or give a budget  breakdown for a particular event you are bidding for. Keep in mind, not to under price or overprice your services, but prevailing prices, event expectations, brand value/identity will contribute to he final price given. Most importantly, always offer good value for the services provided. 

6. Closing
The closing will help you to nail or miss the contact. Have a stimulating closing, include a  signature, contact details and a call to action.

6. Don’t Take the Shortcut: 
Read over the proposal, correct all grammatical errors, use quality pictures, proof read and allow one or two professionals or friends go over it with you before sending it out. 

As suggested in the Guidebook , For your next event proposal, take the time to do the following:

Dont be afraid, take a step to write your event proposal as an event planner and I hope these tips will prove useful to secure the job. Send an email  (typearls@gmail.com) if you will like a free template of an event management proposal.